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Exclusive Brands Torino at Expo Dubai 2020

Watch live the event of Exclusive Brands Torino for Dubai.

Follow the press conference and the special talk show on the theme of sustainability, featuring the excellence of our network.

Save the date: February 17th at 3pm

Exclusive Brands Torino tells its story at Expo Dubai 2020

The network of high-end Made in Italy companies dedicates a talk show to the a talk show on the theme of sustainability

Exclusive Brands Torino, as part of the collaboration with the Pavillon del Monaco, of which it is Official Partner at Expo Dubai 2020, has chosen to be present with an online appointment scheduled for Thursday, February 17.

In particular, an institutional Press Conference has been organized and will be broadcasted on the YouTube channel of the Network at 3 pm on February 17, during which the President of Exclusive Brands Torino Paolo Pininfarina and the Vice-President Paola Bertoldo will illustrate the mission and the peculiarities of the Network and will tell the terms of the collaboration with the Pavillon de Monaco. Albert Croesi, Commissioner General of the Pavillon de Monaco, will also be present for a brief greeting.

This will be followed by a Talk Show during which some of the members of the Network will discuss the topic of "sustainability" - introduced by Dario Casalini of Oscalito, author of the book "Vestire buono, pulito e giusto. Per tornare a una moda sostenibile" - and how this theme can represent a unifying element even for different and apparently distant production activities, such as food, design and technology and fashion. 

The participants of the Talk will be for the food sector Umberto Trombetta of Costadoro and Stefano Borromeo of Galup, for the technology and design sector Paolo Pininfarina of Pininfarina, Alberto Parini of Arti Grafiche Parini, for the fashion sector Alessandra Girardi of Vanni Occhiali and Paola Bertoldo of l'Opificio.

Watch the premiere Thursday February 17 h.15

Inside the Pavillon de Monaco, where Exclusive Brands Torino is present from October 1, 2021 until March 31, 2022, the event will be broadcast in real time on dedicated monitors.

The exhibition of the Limited Edition composed of 14 products, created specifically to celebrate this partnership following the signing of the agreement in 2019, will also continue until the end of the fair.

Jewelry&Fashion, Food&Beverage, Textile, Beauty and Design, are the sectors to which the products of this Limited Edition belong. Below, summarized in a table, the companies with links to their website or e-shop and a brief description of the products.

"The participation in Expo Dubai 2020 as Partenaire Officiel inside the Pavillon de Monaco represents for Exclusive Brands Torino an example of winning international collaboration and a great opportunity for visibility and promotion of high-level Made in Italy that has further improved the performance of the network, with a foreseeable positive fallout on turnover and exports" says Paolo Pininfarina, President of EXCLUSIVE BRANDS TORINO.

"With the Principality of Monaco the Exclusive Brands Torino Network shares the same values of internationality, exclusivity and excellence".

This is a project supported by unicredit partner exclusive brands torino as a sponsor.

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