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Mattioli, luxury handmade jewellery Made in Italy
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Italian luxury handcrafted jewelry


Luxury handcrafted jewellery

Made in Italy

Mattioli is the oldest goldsmith company of the city of Turin, symbol of the Italian goldsmith craft tradition.

Mattioli is a worldwide ambassador of the Made in Italy style, an example of entrepreneurship linked to the ancient and renowned Italian goldsmith tradition.

A unique experience that originated in 1860 with the Antica Ditta Marchisio, owner of the first trademark issued by the city of Torino: the historical “1 TO”.
The workshop becomes famous all over Italy for being specialized in the creation of jewelry. The inlaid gold necklaces were manufactured by skilled workers from the melting bullion to the finished piece.

Mattioli Gioielleria Lusso | Exclusive Brands Torino

In 1996 the Mattioli family acquires the goldsmith workshop and there began a big phase of renovation, thanks to considerable investments in technology and human resources.

In 2000 a new range of products has been launched under the guidance and the creativity of Licia Mattioli, trained as a lawyer and entrepreneur by vocation. The jewels have quickly reached success in more than twenty countries.

The constant research and the most modern technologies are combined with a whimsical and exclusive design, giving shape to unique jewels, handcrafted by a staff of more than 50 master goldsmiths and gem setters.

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Inspired by nature, travels and art the atelier has transformed fascinating stories into unique pieces,. Every collection allows the Mattioli women to be unique, to express their style, their independence and to create their own look every day.

Mattioli is a symbol of modern luxury thanks to the versatility and elegance of its jewels. The versatility and the elegance of Mattioli collections is combined with a playful solutions.

The brand has also achieved many recognitions, thanks to the CEO Licia Mattioli. On June 2017 she was bestowed by the President of the Italian Republic “Cavaliere del Lavoro” (the Merit for Labour Knighthood). In the past years she has also been President of the Turin Industrial Entrepreneurial Association and President of Federorafi, the main organization representing Italian jewelry manufacturing companies. Today she is also Vice President of Confindustria for Internationalization and Foreign Investors.
Ambassador of Made in Italy style in the world, the Mattioli brand combines the wise goldsmith tradition of Turin with a contemporary and unique vision.




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