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L’eccellenza italiana nella produzione di strumenti di misurazione


The Italian excellence in the manifacturing of measuring instruments


Founded in 1856 by Giuseppe Allemano, the factory originally operates in the field of heavy carpentry, manufacturing steam powered road rollers used in the construction of roads, one of them used also by the municipality of Turin. At the beginning of the 20th Century Giuseppe leaves the company to the son Felice, who dedicated himself to studying, projecting, and manufacturing pressure gauges and thermometers as measuring instruments.

The production starts: Allemano’s measuring instruments are installed on board of vehicles such as ships, aeroplanes, submarines and the fist Italian automobiles. Among the very first, the Fiat 501, the first to be serially produced in the Lingotto factory, is equipped with the 1919 Allemano pressure gauge.

In 1929 the historical factory steps forward: a new metamorphosis takes place, since Felice, given the fast growth of his reality, understands that he cannot manage it alone and decides to let the sons take over the organization, changing the name of the factory – by this time became a company – into Allemano F. & Figli and creating the logotype still used today. The production intensifies as well as the manufacturing of precision mechanics for the creation of extremely high precise pressure gauges, thermometers and dynamometers. In The Sixties Allemano starts to cooperate with the mechanical industry, introducing our precision instruments on presses, industrial machineries and plants.

At the beginning of the 80s Allemano conquers another sector: the company specializes in the crafting, assembly and calibration of underwater instruments, such as hyperbaric chambers, depth gauges and decompression gauges, taking over the brand SOS, manufacturing the famous Allemano depth gauges, entirely projected, crafted and assembled in the historical headquarter in Turin, today in the collections of many museums of underwater instruments.

The 2019 is the year of the Misuratori del Tempo by Allemano, with a strictly past-related design. After a long period spent in the mechanical industry, Allemano realizes the desire to re-establish the visibility of its products outside of it, directly in contact with people, as well as the origins. The inspiration for this collection of the Misuratori del Tempo comes from the pressure gauge which exactly 100 years ago was installed on board of the FIAT 501 Torpedo. Today, thanks to the new collection, our Customers can enjoy Allemano’s instruments again, no longer just on the dashboard, but straight to Their wrist.




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