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Gelati PEPINO 1884

The oldest gelato manufacturer
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The oldest gelato manufacturer

135th anniversary of the founding of the GELATI PEPINO company (1884)
90th anniversary of the opening of the GELATI PEPINO shop(1929)
80th anniversary of the invention and patent of the first ice cream coated on a stick in the world


In 1884 the confectioner Domenico Pepino moved his work from Naples to Turin and opened an gelato shop called "Vera Gelateria Napoletana". In a short amount of time because of the high quality of ingredients used and the originality of the recipes, he managed to make himself stand out amongst the well-established Savoyard partialities. (Pepino is the oldest gelato shop in Europe!)

At the beginning of the 20th, Pepino demonstrated a great entrepreneurial spirit, the excellence of Made in Italy and by participating in International and Universal Expositions of Turin, notoriety, and appreciation is assured. On 2nd of June 1910, they received the first patent "Official Supplier of the Royal House" by His Highness the Duke of Genoa. The Princess Letizia of Savoy Napoleon and the Duchess of Aosta did the same thing on 31st of March 1913, approving him as the "Royal House gelato maker".

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pepino gelateria storica torino

On June 17th, 1916, Domenico Pepino sold all his secrets and his prominent business for 10,000 lire, which at that time was in Piazza Solferino 1, to Giuseppe Cavagnino and Giuseppe Feletti, son-in-law and father-in-law, both already well-known entrepreneurs in Piedmont. Pepino was so passionate about his gelato that he was willing to work together for a period of handover, before retiring in his beloved Naples. The entrepreneurs contribute towards productivity and commercial improvement, and through the innovative use of dry ice, they are able to export across the border. They are the first to open numerous ice cream parlors in Italy and abroad and in collaboration with a painter Golia is created the slogan: "Pepino gelato is available everywhere! ”. In 1929, they moved their ice cream shop to Piazza Carignano, due to the strategic importance of the numerous theaters in the area.

Eventually, "Penguin" the first covered gelato on a stick in the world was patented and marketed in 1939, it is still considered of exceptional reputation and quality. It currently comes in 6 classic flavors: crema Pepino, hazelnut, gianduja, violet, mint, and coffee, and some modern limited editions and co-branding have been added.

The story of "Gelati PEPINO 1884" continues, under the guidance of the Cavagnino family who has reached the 5th generation and today it is represented by young Edoardo. His mission is to consolidate "Gelati PEPINO 1884" as an excellent Made in Italy gelato while maintaining its high market position and at the same modifying the reference market by promoting throughout the national territory to ensure it is no longer exclusively Piedmontese or Italian but develops on an international scale.

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Photo: Massimo Menegatti
Plating: Villa La Maggiorana

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