Exclusive Brands Torino


EXCLUSIVE BRANDS TORINO is the first network of Italian multi-sector companies which brings together high-end brands promoted by the Industrial Union of Turin (Unione Industriale di Torino).The purpose of EXCLUSIVE BRANDS TORINO is to develop and promote the excellence of Made in Italy products which are present in the Piedmont area.The continuous research and investment by EXCLUSIVE BRANDS TORINO is motivated by the desire to spread the Italian "know-how" in the world, the unique quality of Made in Italy, the tradition of craftsmanship and the culture of our territory.

They have brought together 19 companies operating in different sectors that share a select clientele and a strong international vocation. These brands stand out for their creativity, innovation, research and the quality of their products and services, which fall within the high-end range.

EXCLUSIVE BRANDS TORINO brings together the excellence of the Piedmont territory in the following sectors:

settore gioielli estetica moda exclusive brands torino


In the Jewellery, Beauty and Fashion Wear sectors we can find: the Turin goldsmith tradition by Mattioli, classy fashion for women by Kristina Ti, the luxurious made in-house Tonatto Turin perfume, and the excellence in beauty and cosmetics publishing by Allure Magazine and Estetica.

settore design architettura exclusive brands torino


In the design and architecture sector we can find: Italian creativity designed by Pininfarina, Italian children's toys by Quercetti, and the new idea of ​living and designing spaces by Building.

settore food exclusive brands torino


In the food sector we can find: the excellence of Bava wines, the authentic taste of Costadoro coffee, the tradition of Turin chocolate with Gobino, the purity of Lauretana water, homemade Italian pasta made by De Filippis, and the quality of Pepino ice cream.

strutture ricettive lusso exclusive brands torino


In the accommodation sector we can find The Relais San Maurizio, a place that celebrates Italianness through the idea of ​​elegant and refined hospitality by respecting tradition and the landscape.

tecnologia innovazione exclusive brands torino


In the technology sector we can find Altec, an Italian center of excellence for the supply of engineering and logistics services to support planetary exploration missions. We can also find Nimbus, a company specializing in the design of remotely piloted aircraft models.

eccellenza sartoriale made in italy exclusive brands torino


vIn the textile sector we can find the elegance of Made in Italy fabrics and velvet for furniture designed by Opificio. We can also find the refined quality and tailoring of Oscalito underwear and the excellence of Quagliotti's household linen.

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