Exclusive Brands Torino

Exclusive Brands Torino @ogrtech

Dec , 11
Exclusive Brands Torino @ogrtech

OGR Tech, the collaborative creation hub and idea incubator focused on start-ups, creative industries and smart data hosted the last meeting of Exclusive Brands Torino.

The last axis of the OGR project, OGR Tech, was completed in 2019: a 12,000 square meter space dedicated to innovation, research, talent and ideas. If at the beginning of the twentieth century the OGRs were a place of excellence for material production, in 2019 they became a place for the immaterial production of knowledge, a laboratory dedicated to research and innovation in the digital, creative and social field.
The epicentre of a new ecosystem dedicated to innovation.

A new hub for scientific, technological and industrial research, able to attract international partners and specialized operators from all over the world.

The OGR Tech is a flexible space designed to host a constantly changing reality in rotation, which is provided with the three essential ingredients for an innovative company: support for research and development processes, connection with companies sensitive to the issues of open innovation, opportunities for discussion with investors and business angels.

At EBT’s institutional moment, the representatives of the brands present took stock of the current initiatives that will also see Exclusive Brands Torino as a protagonist at Dubai Expo 2020, and planned the events and activities for next year.

To visit the OGRTech and discover the secrets of the excellence of Italian coffee, visit the Tour in Turin page and book a guided tour.

Exclusive Brands Torino @ogrtech
Exclusive Brands Torino @ogrtech
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