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Made in Italy for sure


Made in Italy for sure


Born in Turin to see the world

Born in Turin to see the world

VANNI eyeglasses were born in Turin in 1990, made to see the world. They are equally at home in Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney. VANNI is at the forefront of the industry of creative eyewear design. Its beauty is a mix of genius, culture, and style, and never accidental: it’s a distillation of thirty years of research and experimentation. The Made in Italy touch is present in every tiny detail. When it comes to colour, daring, mixing, and creating unique pairings has always been our challenge.

VANNI is not so much craftsmanship as limited edition industry.

“Made in Italy for sure”

For a choice without compromises the VANNI glasses are entirely Made In Italy, with no bluffs: Made In Italy, for sure. VANNI keeps a constant commitment to the creation of exclusive and incomparable materials. The acetates are conceived and personalised like works of art, something rare and unique in the worldwide panorama of eyeglass design. Design of the VANNI collections is entrusted to the company’s own style center, dedicated to the planning and creation of the product lines. The quality of the glasses is the fruit of stylistic and technological research, the use of top raw materials, and a highly specialised workforce.

Made in Italy for sure

Exclusive materials

Unique and yet recognisable: the essence of the VANNI glasses is contained in its exclusive materials. Like a painter that creates colours and spreads them on canvas, VANNI creates materials and transforms them into frames. The VANNI cellulose acetate is derived from cotton. Creating a block of acetate from individual imagination is like realising a work of art, a mix of craftsmanship and millimetric precision. A hand that builds, layer on layer, block on block, the three-dimensional designs in surprising colours, their names inspired by creative cosmoses as Pixel, Macro, Blade, Tangram, Raster, Wired, Flame.

VANNI in Turin and the world of art

It’s important to stay in touch with origins: VANNI’s are in Turin, where the first and only VANNI showroom opened its doors, now housed in the historic rooms of Palazzo Gramsci in Piazza Carlina, in the beating heart of the city.

The Showroom is also a project-space for art. A hub for the brand’s special projects, dedicated to contemporary art, but also to design; a space for projects born from collaborations with artists, fairs, and contemporary art institutions. A free space where creative art and design meet, where fresh ideas and new perspectives on the world reign supreme. 




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