Exclusive Brands Torino

Excellence Made in Italy, our value

The excellence Made in Italy is the value around which the network of Exclusive Brands Torino is built. A value that tells the story of Italian craftsmanship in its highest meaning.

And this is precisely the goal of Exclusive Brands Torino: to unite the Piedmontese companies to promote the true Made in Italy.

Italian excellence is recognized and appreciated throughout the world. Those who visit Italy do so above all because here they find quality and experience in all sectors. The Made in Italy brand is synonymous with perfection in details, research, refinement, elegance and style.

Italian craftsmanship and Made in Italy excellence are the result of constant work that does not allow compromises. The companies of Exclusive Brands Torino are all characterized by a very high quality to meet the standards required by the market.

For this reason, every Piedmontese excellence that has entered the network does not just boast the achievement of important goals at national, but also international level. All companies are present in the world with their products, their experience, tradition and the knowledge that distinguishes them.

Exclusive Brands Torino is fashion, aesthetics, jewelry, design and architecture, food, sartorial textiles, accommodation and technology. Exclusive Brands Turin promotes Piedmontese excellence, because Piedmont is a region that has always offered sought-after raw materials, a long tradition of craftsmanship and research. Turin, then, best represents the spirit of the network: the continuous desire to reinvent itself without forgetting its history, the fine and open culture towards the world, the ability to be reborn and to be always unique make it a city of which it is difficult not to to fall in love.

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This is why talking about Made in Italy excellence means talking about ourselves, unfounded. And behind all the words there are the facts, the Italian know-how, the senses that touch and look at perfection, products and creations to love. All the companies of Exclusive Brands Torino tell their story through their work, the goals achieved, the work of every day. We like the facts and a few words, the right ones.

Discover the Made in Italy excellence of our network through the companies that are part of it and help make our country great by choosing high quality products and promoting Italian craftsmanship in the world.