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The Italian excellence of coffee for bars
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The italian exellence of coffee for bars

eccellenza italiana caffe costadoro exclusive brands torino

Costadoro represents the Italian excellence of coffee for the Ho.re.ca sector all over the world. A unique taste which alone is synonymous with Italian know-how, Made in Italy tradition and what our country stands for.
Costadoro has always been central to spreading the espresso experience and the art of coffee-roasting.

When you taste a Costadoro, you savour the Italian excellence of 130 years of history and love for coffee. A long and painstaking process aiming to transform the experience of a cup of coffee into a unique moment.
Tradition as well as innovation: coffee processing is innovative but in full respect of a centuries-old tradition, having in the selection of raw materials, in the roasting process and in the final sorting its distinguishing elements.

The values of Made in Italy are perfectly expressed in the way of working which characterises the company. The attention to every detail allows the Costadoro coffee to have no equal in the world.

“Starting from the selection of the raw material: Costadoro buys the green coffee directly in the countries of origin, so to offer their customers only the best beans.”

caffe costadoro exclusive brands torino

The Italian excellence of coffee for bars

costadoro espresso made in italy exclusive brands torino

Starting from the selection of the raw material: Costadoro buys the green coffee directly in the countries of origin, so to offer their customers only the best beans. Every purchase is done on samples which are tasted by a panel of at least 5 persons. Every bean is carefully selected and cleaned, and then passed to the roasting process. Costadoro has been the first company in Italy to use the optical sorter SORTEX Z + 1BL on roasted coffee, performing a real scan of all the beans: defective ones are rejected not only if they fail to meet colour parameters, but also if unsuitable in shape and size. This choice guarantees a quality level of absolute excellence.
Costadoro roasts each single-origin individually, applying precise times and temperatures required by each variety (18-20 minutes at 210° – 225°C), so to get a uniform roasting degree of each bean, for a fullest taste and aroma. Costadoro is one of the few companies in Italy exclusively dedicated to the professional sector (Ho.re.ca).

The technology used by Costadoro is the most innovative on the market, while maintaining the tradition and care that has always distinguished the company which is a leader in the sector. Thanks to its dimensions, the company has the possibility to purchase the best crops and to have full control over production processes.

In the Costadoro Coffee Lab Academy, Costadoro experts train dozens of baristas every day and they are recognized as ‘Masters of Coffee Culture’ in Italy. A culture that the company creates, feeds and spreads not only searching for the perfect product with passion and commitment, but also training baristas to make them true coffee professionals. The farsighted policy of past years has given the company a solid financial base which allows it to make the investments it needs to guarantee the highest quality.
The work of Costadoro and the attention paid to production have made the company a coffee roaster leader in over 40 countries worldwide. So, the company has become the mouthpiece of Made in Italy in the world through the product that, perhaps more than most, represents the Italians.

Together with the other Turin companies that are part of Exclusive Brands Torino, also Costadoro is synonymous with excellence and high Italian quality throughout the world.

caffe costadoro exclusive brands torino




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