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Vini Bava: the Italian wine tradition
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The Italian wine tradition


The Bava Wines are born in the Piedmont hills, between Monferrato and Langhe, and represent the excellence of Italian wines.

They are a high-end product and one of the greatest pride of our territory and of the Made in Italy. The history of the Bava family is that of the Italian wine tradition: originated in 1911, when the wine cellar of Cocconato was built.

Bava wines are the result of the Italian tradition and heritage: since the foundation of the wine cellar in strada Monferrato in Cocconato, four generations have taken turns and a fifth is approaching the helm of company. Today, the family property extends between Monferrato and Langhe, with fifty hectares of vineyards cultivated with the same sensibility and care of the past, for a sustainable agricolture with reduced environment impact.

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When you look at the Bava vineyards, you’ll immediately notice the attention that the company pays to the environment. Bava is a environmentally friendly company, with a tradition of sustainability. “ Listening to the language of nature and responding consistently” in our motto in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Grass mowing and pruning remains are used as a natural fertilizers, wooden poles come from renewable forests and grassing between pows prevents soil erosion. Innovation in cultivation goes through a return to a deep bond wit the land. The Bava vineyards are grouped around the farmstead of Cocconato, Agliano and Castigione Faletto, and the wine are recognized all over the world as unique products go high Italian quality.

This is the farmhouse of Pieve di Cocconato (Asti), with the family’s signature wine, Barbera d’Asti Superiore Stradivario. In addiction to Barbera, Cocconato cultivates an autochthonous piedmontese that is becoming increasingly know, the Albarossa Rosingana. This is where the two white wines from international grape varieties, Sauvignon Relais Bianc and Chardonnay Thou Bianc are produced. From the farmstead of Pianoalto di Agliano (also in province of Asti) come Libera, the youngest Barbera, and Pianoalto, the Nizza of Bava. The family property in Castiglione Falletto (Cuneo) is the cradle of Barolo Cru Scarrone and Langhe Nebbiolo Bava.

Bava also produces Moscato d’Asti, Malvasia di Castelnuovo don Bosco Rosetta and Malvasia di Castelnuovo don Bosco Rosé. The Bava brand includes the best typical wines of Piedmont. For this reason and for an untiring activity of promotion of our territory at 360°, the company is an emblem of the diffusion of the values of uniqueness of Made in Italy all over the world.

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