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VANNI becomes a “società benefit” (benefit corporation)

Jan , 18
VANNI becomes a “società benefit” (benefit corporation)

Beautiful glasses, creating value. 

The designer eyewear brand born in Turin 35 year ago becomes “società benefit”.

For us, the pandemic has been a moment to redesign and rethink. From here came the urgency to bring about, through the activities of the company, an improvement in both the social and environmental impact we produce. It is not a surface-level makeover, but rather an undertaking of substantial responsibility, to make it measurable and visible” as stated by Giovanni Vitaloni and Alessandra Girardi, owners of VANNI.

Sustainable and fashionable to the core, our glasses are made to last. The materials of the VANNI glasses are processed in a way that limits waste, slowing down the production of moulds and equipment, limiting packaging, using recyclable materials as much as possible. The pieces remaining from the use of our celebrated exclusive acetate blocks give rise to a collection of pendants and earrings. 

And we will work to do better every day. On one point we’re sure that we are particularly efficient: our glasses are realised only 400 kilometres from our headquarters, entirely on Italian soil. Made in Italy, for sure. It’s not kilometre 0 production, but it comes close, guaranteeing the best of limited-edition manufacture”.

AT VANNI We care.

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Credits: @Amedeo Turello