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Luxury Fabrics and Velvets for interior decoration and Soft-furnishing: 100% Made in Italy


When textile becomes italian lifestyle


Luxury Fabrics and Velvets
for interior decoration and Soft-furnishing


When textile becomes Italian lifestyle, means l’Opificio; a world of high-end fabrics, velvets for upholstery and interiors 100% Made in Italy. Renowned all over the world, l’Opificio stands for furnishing textiles with a Turinese heart, symbol of excellence and real Made in Italy. A value pursued within the family company, a place where goals and achievements are shared within the team and carried out with passion since 1998 in Turin.

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Style, creativity, design and bespoke artisan quality, are since ever the distinctive trademark of l’Opificio creations carefully produced with maximum attention to any little detail. A creative process that develops along the time: from the research phase to the design, from the selection of the correct fibre to the definition of the colour, up to the creation of the new models of the soft-furnishing and the meticulous artisan production of interior accessories.

Jacquard Fabrics and Velvets are produced with competence and knowledge respecting the most precious natural fibres: Silk, Linen, Cotton, Viscose become synonymous of high sartorial quality and are declined in a large collection of textile accessories artisan made in the atelier, perfect for classical as contemporary, residential or Contract interiors.

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Discover our fabrics and velvets

l’Opificio proposes unique creations alike exclusive timeless design cushions or refined bedspreads. With a strong personality because of the always-new designs and textures, they adapt to any interior and to different style. An Italian style felt by the haptic that l’Opificio has exported internationally, through a very selected network of exclusive boutiques.
Luxurious jacquard fabrics and precious velvets worked following antique sartorial techniques as testimony of the most refined Italian handcrafted tradition. A fundamental value of the Made in Italy, that guarantees uniqueness and maximum attention to details. l’Opificio represents the Italian artisan tradition all over the world.

Fabrics, velvets, decor cushions, accessories for interiors, curtains and drapery, rugs and poufs: l’Opificio creates luxurious versatile and innovative textile collections, perfect for private customers as well as for professionals. It is a reference point for those who like interiors with a strong personality and above all l’Opificio is synonymous of excellence and quality.




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