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Nimbus srl is an aeronautical company, specialized in the production of innovative Made in Italy Remote Control Aircraft Systems ( Sistemi Aeromobili a Pilotaggio Remoto: SAPR).

Nimbus srl is an example of entrepreneurial excellence in the field of innovation and technology. Nimbus srl was founded in 2006 in Piedmont as a spin-off of A.R.I.S. spa, an entirely private company with over 50 years of activity.
The new reality of Nimbus is also a private company that has the objective of developing aircraft that are relevant to the world of aviation and the world of unmanned aircraft. The company, certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, boasts a production plant of over 1,000 m2 and highly qualified personnel including mechanical, electronic and aeronautical engineers.

drone nimbus tecnologia exclusive brands torino
nimbus drone tecnologia exclusive brands torino

This great Made in Italy excellence is also an authorized operator by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority ( Ente Nazionale per Aviazione Civile: ENAC) and is a member of the Italian Federation of Aerospace, Defence and Security Companies ( Federazione Aziende Italiane per l’Aerospazio, la Difesa e la Sicurezza: AIAD). Moreover, thanks to its innovative products and solutions, Nimbus has become part of the group of Piedmontese excellence called Exclusive Brand Torino. Nimbus srl has invested, with a highly qualified team of specialized engineers, 10 years in research, development and testing for its exclusive products:

- The Metaplano C-Fly: hybrid airship for transport patented all over the world;

- The PPL-612, SAPR with the only ENAC project certification for Extended Critical Scenarios that authorizes serial reproduction and allows use on infrastructures and urban centers, at high altitudes and in the presence of wind;

- The PPL-612 XL with ENAC design certification for use in which an excellent balance between on-board load capacity and flight autonomy is required;

- The PPL-630, a unique solution with high autonomy;

The SAPR PPL 6 Series are hexacopters with outstanding harmlessness characteristics, designed, developed and tested for aerial photography, thermography and multispectral. These professional SAPRs stand out from the others on the market for their construction and flight management features, which respect the priorities of active and passive safety. SAPR PPL Series 6 are also characterized by the optional use of propeller protection, the absence of sharp edges, 6 electric motors with dual power available, proprietary electronics with in-flight safety controls and emergency management, hour counter to expire the mandatory maintenance. The quality of all the design details and the presence of a pilot station with two remote controls with telemetry station, a PC dedicated to the command and control of the aircraft with remote control and the photographic equipment and thermometric kit, make the I SAPR PPL Series 6 top of the range products.

tecnologia exclusive brands torino nimbus drone
drone nimbus tecnologia azienda exclusive brands torino

Nimbus srl has managed to become a leader in Italian and European aerospace innovation also thanks to the easy of use of its products, made possible through sales and rental formulas or alternatively complete service packages. These include, in addition to an effective flight, also data processing, data storage, data handling that complete the offer of the Nimbus platform to service professionals and companies that aim to reduce costs, risks, costs of monitoring and maintenance.

Nimbus' Made in Italy production is synonymous with high quality materials and production processes, a fact that makes the company a reference point for those seeking the safety of an Italian certified product.




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