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Aerospace Logistics Technology Engineering Company


ALTEC (Aerospace Logistics Technology Engineering Company) is the Italian centre of excellence for the provision of engineering and logistics services to support the operations and use of the International Space Station and the development and implementation of planetary exploration missions.

ALTEC is the heart of technological innovation and research, the Italian gateway to access to space. Exclusive Brands Torino is proud to boast in its network an Italian excellence renowned all over the world. Based in Turin, ALTEC has staff seconded to NASA and ESA.

ALTEC is a public-private company owned by the largest European space company, Thales Alenia Space, and the Italian Space Agency ( Agenzia Spaziale Italiana ), ASI.

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altec tecnologia exclusive brands torino

ALTEC's services range from engineering and logistical support, to astronaut training, to support for experiments in particular in biomedicine, to the processing of scientific data, to the development and management of the ground segment of space programmes and the promotion of space culture.

The company's core business is participation in programs related to the International Space Station, which indicates the strong intention to encourage the development of scientific knowledge and technological innovation, in accordance with the universal values of improving living conditions on Earth and the sustainable development of modern society.

ALTEC, working in close collaboration with the NASA Centres in the exchange of sensitive data, within the framework of the bilateral ASI-NASA programme, takes on the role of prestigious international showcase of the excellence of the Italian industrial fabric.

ALTEC as the seat of the Operational Control Centre (ROCC) of the "EXOMARS Rover" signals the recognition of the company's operational capabilities in the context of European research and innovation.

In addition, ALTEC's Mission Support Centre, provides engineering support to the ISS, which is provided by an integrated team of ALTEC technicians and Thales Alenia Space, which operates in ALTEC's Mission Support Halls. The task of the team is to provide support and assistance to the ground staff of the control centres, through engineering analyses conducted in "real-time", and to provide detailed information to the astronauts. The participation in the management of the missions offers at ALTEC the opportunity to develop on behalf of the Space Agencies activities related to the promotion of space activities and knowledge transfer at territorial level.

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