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Italian specialties in Made in Italy

The technology sector is a point of excellence in Italian commerce. The Piedmont area is home to internationally known technology companies, which are spokesmen for excellence in the industry.
The goal of Exclusive Brands Torino is to promote Italian know-how from Piedmont. Here, tradition and innovation come together to bring advanced technological services and products to the world that are applied in the aerospace and aircraft sector.

Both companies demonstrate Italian excellence in the cutting-edge technological industry and represent the Made in Italy brand throughout the world.


Discover the Made in Italy specialties from Turin
in the technology and innovation sector

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Altec is located in Turin, an Italian centre of excellence for the supply of engineering and logistics services. It supports the operations and use of the International Space Station as well as the development and realization of planetary exploration missions.

Piedmont is also the headquarters of Nimbus, a private company specializing in the invention, design, construction and certification of remotely piloted aircraft models.

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