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Pininfarina Battista: in Geneva 2019 the new hypercar Battista

Mar , 4
Pininfarina Battista: in Geneva 2019 the new hypercar Battista

Automobili Pininfarina presents at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 the hypercar Battista.

At the Geneva Motor Show 2019, Automobili Pininfarina unveiled its latest masterpiece: the hypercar Battista, the electric car of pure Italian design.

Pininfarina represents the Italian automotive industry in the world. Creativity and passion have always been the basis for creating unique projects that combine technology and aesthetics in a sublime way.

Observing the Battista hypercar, one immediately notices the signature of the brand, never conventional: the nose of the Battista is very low and, in the lower area, there is a large air intake that also acts as a front wing.

A sinuous and elegant line accompanies the entire interior; the double LED headlamp is positioned at the rear.

The power is 1,900 C.V (one thousand nine hundred) and 2,300 Nm of maximum torque, distributed by four engines on the four-wheel drive. The maximum speed is over 350 km/h, while the range can reach up to 450 km.

The chassis is made of carbon fibre and a 120 kWh battery pack.

A unique model of car, characterized by a unique design. Just look at the rims: ultralight and stylish. 

And the interior? They don’t disappoint expectations, on the contrary. Two displays on the side of the steering wheel are at the service of the driver, while the character of the cabin is all in the press.

The Automobili Pininfarina Battista will be produced from 2020, with only 150 cars coming out of the Company.