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Panettone with Vermouth of Torino Cocchi

Dec , 2
Panettone with Vermouth of Torino Cocchi

Indulge in a Cocchi vermouth-laced Panettone, the ultimate Christmas indulgence, Italian style

Cocchi, producers of some of the finest, 100% natural, Italian aperitivos and vermouths in the world, have created their very own take on the quintessential Italian Christmas cake, Panettone. Never sold outside of Piedmont before, it will be available this year for the first time, just in time to add some serious Italian flavour to Christmas.

The Cocchi Panettone features vermouth-infused candied peels of lemon and orange, dried fruit and dark chocolate drops all combining with the sensorial profile of Cocchi Vermouth di Torino, and its flavours of cocoa, dried fruit and Christmas spices. Traditionally served with a glass of vermouth neat, chilled and with a lemon peel, but can be the perfect accompaniment to a classic after dinner cocktail such as the Manhattan.

Cocchi has been collaborating with local bakeries for many years, producing small batches of their highly prized Panettone; a traditional, quintessentially Italian Christmas gift. The Cocchi Panettone has been exclusively sold in the flagship store in Cocconato, Piedmont since 2012, and gifted to good friends worldwide. Made with a very specific, protected variety of “Piedmont Hazelnut”, the Cocchi Panettone has been created to be served alongside Cocchi Vermouth di Torino, the recipe incorporating classic, moreish vermouth into the traditional ingredients.

“Three wines for three panettone with wine”

On 7 December at 4.30 pm

On 7 December at 4.30 pm in the Cocchi di Cocconato (Asti) area, in via Stazione 2, there will be a public tasting entitled “Three wines for three panettone with wine” : a combination of three panettone with Albertengo wine, including Panettone al Vermouth from Turin, with Bava and Giulio Cocchi wines along a route told by Roberto Bava and Andrea Bagnasco.

Panettone al Vermouth di Torino Cocchi