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CasaOz is a place where children facing desease can simply feel at home with their families, for as long as necessary.
Here every child has the opportunity to play, learn, do homework: this daily “normality” is the most precious thing that can be offered to those facing the disease.
To live our house, its games and activities organized with other children, it all promotes the process of inclusion.

CasaOz is also a place of concrete support for families: parents can find their peers for a coffee time, a chat, a lunch together. Also the availability of many, simple services, such as a washing machine, a shower, a room for a short rest away from the hospital, gives them a rest in their troubles.

The house

CasaOz wants to be a welcoming place since the first impact, and it does it by looking very different from the aseptic image of a hospital.

It can be reached from the cycle paths along the Po river or from the main entrance of Corso Moncalieri, crossing the play area at the back or the Gianni Rodari Garden, and in its look it reminds a little of a child’s drawing, with its simple structure, its sloping roof, its sqared doors and windows, all done with simple materials.

The architects’ will was to evoke a domestic space from the outside, where hospitality, assistance, psychological counseling, support for families and children, can be mixed with a daily life experience made of intimacy and privacy, to make families feel safe and warm.
It all was made with a care for sustainability and renewable sources, exploited as much as possible to cover the energy needs of the zero-emission house.


Inside the headquarters of CasaOz, four mini-apartments have been created for families coming from outside Turin to let their children attend the city’s hospitals.

The mini-apartments of 35 square meters each provide 3 + 1 beds, and are equipped with a kitchenette, a bathroom and a living room. During the day the host families of the Residences can take advantage of the spaces and services that CasaOz offers.
To let people choose the way they want live their situation, and to allow the use of the common spaces even after the ending of the CasaOz daytime opening, the Residences are designed as an independent module, linked to CasaOz, but also served by an independent external entrance.



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casaoz@arubapec.it / casaoz@casaoz.org


Corso Moncalieri, 262, 10133 Torino TO