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Banco Azzoaglio was founded by the trader, landowner and real estate owner Franco Azzoaglio in the headquarters of Via Andrea Doria 17 in Ceva in January 1879 at the time of the large migrations of people to the USA.

The history of the bank was strictly linked to the territory of Ceva until the 60s when the first branch was opened in Garessio; later other branch offices were set up in the areas of Langhe and Saluzzo, as far as the neighbouring region of Liguria.

Over the years Banco Azzoaglio has also developed historical banking products tailored for families, companies, young people and investors.

At present the bank, which has reached the fourth generation, is led by Ms Erica Azzoaglio, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Simone Azzoaglio, President of the Executive Board and Mr. Carlo Ramondetti, General Director.
New steps have been taken to introduce digitization and to improve relations with companies aimed to develop services for entrepreneurs such as subsidised rates or favourable credit terms, business consulting, corporate and smart lending.

The scrupulous attention to customers’ requests and the local area are the leading values of this bank which, as a proof of its spirit, is about to become a benefit society.





Sede legale: Via A. Doria 17, 12073 Ceva(CN)