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Op Mask, Oscalito’s mask

Jun , 10
Op Mask, Oscalito’s mask

Oscalito, EBT member, is proud to present OP Mask, the first and only cotton mask that combines four basic needs:

– the safety of using a certified medical device, CE marked;

– the health of the wearer, whose skin is not in contact with the plastic of the filter but only with the cotton that covers it;

economic savings since the cost of refill filters is much lower than the price of disposable surgical masks.

environmental sustainability, since the removable disposable filter is recyclable in plastic and the cotton mask is washable and durable over time;

OPMASK has style, is elegant, customizable and completely Made in Italy, from the raw material to the finished product!

Op Mask la mascherina di Oscalito | Exclusive Brands Torino