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Costadoro turns social: it will promote services for employees and events in the city

Jul , 22
Costadoro turns social: it will promote services for employees and events in the city

Costadoro, which has always supported the initiatives and events of the city of Turin, is taking a big step and adding to the corporate foundations that support philanthropy and education in Piedmont.

The CEO Giulio Trombetta says “Today there is increasingly discussion about corporate social responsibility and we could not shirk away. We are working on it at the moment, it will be ready in 2020, will have a statute like all foundations and will serve to do good for our employees and the city. I am thinking, for example, of paying an English teacher for the children of staff or of encouraging and paying young people at the Conservatory who we invite to play at the Costadoro Coffee Lab Diamante or even to support events such as the “Va Lentino” race.

Not only that. Giulio Trombetta also speaks of the social responsibility of coffee, addressing the issue of packaging: from October, Costadoro will undertake to have only compostable packaging and announces that it has invested 600 thousand euros in two packaging machines, thus eliminating aluminium in favour of starch coffee valves. With the support of the Polytechnic, the company has started a project to use the film of the beans as a fertilizer, showing particular attention to the themes of recycling and re-use.

Meanwhile, the company confirms its internal growth with 6,000 cafes and two new openings in Monaco, one in Romania, one in Genoa and two in downtown Turin.

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