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New digital strategy for Exclusive Brands Torino

Jun , 10
New digital strategy for Exclusive Brands Torino
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Exclusive Brands Torino new website is the starting point of a digital strategy aimed at promoting online exposure for the brand EBT and for the single brands that are a part of its network.

Exclusive Brands Torino uses its website to give exposure to the high quality and the excellence of Italian companies and the concept of an exclusive lifestyle, of which members are looking for.

The website www.exclusivebrandstorino.com is the result of a highly integrated project based on communication and digital marketing.

Its educational architecture was born thanks to an accurate study aimed at having a good SEO ranking, based on the communication platforms. The internal links have been sorted into navigation paths accurately studied to appeal the visitors and to give detailed information based on the area of interest.

The user experience design is aimed at better representing our values, expressed by the brands, and to allow a constant engagement with the visitors.

The User Experience design was developed by a team of designers that were able to interpret the value of the brands in the EBT network.

The content graphics were optimized to be responsive on each device, to make the website easier to navigate, increasing the engagement with the users.

Exclusive Brands Torino digital strategy also includes its presence on the main social networks, allowing it to constantly communicate and engage with its users and its brands all over the network.

The website structure was developed with one of the latest content management system, which grants the best possible user experience to the visitors, while making the management and update of the contents a lot easier.

Zero11 has developed the website and the digital strategy. Zero11 is a web agency located in Torino and specialized in web projects, especially in the ecommerce and B2B sectors.