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l’Opificio @MAISON&OBJET January 2020

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l’Opificio @MAISON&OBJET January 2020

In 2020 l’Opificio continues its journey among the colours and the endless tactile and visual dimensions of the furnishing fabrics and velvets, the latter being the most luxurious and highest expression of the textiles for interiors.

A journey that since the very beginning has been based on an entirely Italian production and the respect of the human being and the environment thanks to totally formaldehyde-free product.

Barbara Bertoldo has always been the soul behind all l’Opificio textile collections. In 2019 she has collaborated with the designers Lanzavecchia + Wai for Architrame collection and with the architect Bruno Tarsia for Relief Collection to create new texture weft with the jacquard technique as usual.

l’Opificio starts the 2020 presenting the new Velluto Tech collection that is added to the large velvet collections for upholstery already proposed by l’Opificio which include Silk Velvet, Cotton Velvet, Linen Velvet, Viscose Velvet and Kid Mohair Velvet.

The Velluto Tech collection enriches l’Opificio high-performance textile proposal, that includes fabric and velvet collections of resistant and useful, fire-retardant and washable textiles dedicated to contract and hospitality projects, with a design and quality that make them perfect for residential projects that requires practical solutions too.

It is a collection that satisfies different styles including mountain interiors with dedicated velvets and patterns.

January 2020 news are completed with l’Opificio decorative paint collection which is the result of the collaboration with Wilson&Morris: 24 shades in perfect nuance with the velvet collection. The Intensity and deepness of the colours, reflect the philosophy behind Barbara Bertoldo’s choice for this collection, first of its kind in this sector.

At Maison & Objet l’Opificio stand wears the beige nr 1025 and the black nr 9011 in the Emulsione Matt texture.

l’Opificio news 2020 include also the creative collaboration with the artist designer of Turin Matteo Tampone that result in the collection Maps.memoriediunacittà, oxidation works on velvet, a precious material the latter, that harbour metal scrap with oxidation traces.

l'Opificio Wilson Morris | Exclusive Brands Torino


It is a new collection of performing, resistant and practical velvet.

A collection coming to life after a long research process to propose an unique product in terms of technical characteristics and quality: a velvet meant for the high-end Contract and Hospitality sectors, but that could be easily used in residential projects that requires practical and easy to maintain textiles.

l’Opificio Velluto Tech is water repellant, oil repellant, antifungal and rot resistant, it stands light, it is washable in water 40O. Its Martindale is more than 100 000 and has the highest resistance to pilling. These are the technical characteristics that make this high-performance velvet unique in its kind. With a nice haptic, and in line with the company philosophy, without formaldehyde or any heavy metals, it has a thick dense pile.

The Velluto Tech Collection proposes 18 colour variants, which go from mustard yellow to classic blue to a rich palette of neutral tones. Colour shades that emphasize the characteristics of the threads and result in rich and strong tones, the iconic touch of all l’Opificio collections.

Pastiglie Velluto tech l'Opificio | Exclusive Brands Torino


Architrame is the collection resulting from the collaboration between l’Opificio and the Lanzavecchia + Wai Studio. It is a collection that enhances the detail and the senses of the detail: surfaces that talk about a three-dimensional narrative alike the story telling of fantastic architecture, whose softness lights the haptic and caressing.

It is a game of perception where each pattern takes the role of a fundamental architectonical shape – Scale, Torri e Facades – as a magic lantern screening. A game of appearances where the skilled use of the fibre, the colours and the finishing emphasises the architectonic three- dimensionality.

Scale proposes 10 colour variants, 7 are the ones of Torri and 3 for Facades: from acquamarina to pearl, gold, copper, turquoise up to fire red and black to which is also added poppy, Tuareg blue and Bruno.


From the collaboration with the polyhedric and eclectic architect and interior stylist Bruno Tarsia, and l’Opificio the collection Relief came to life. A graphic effect combined with the jacquard fabric Gobelin technique join together to become the protagonist of this new collection.

Geometric lines and chromatic games epitomise the stylistic references of the architect through a new and contemporary vision. Textures and yarn waiving make the three-dimensional pattern of great quality, therefore the name Relief.

Available in 9 elegant and chic colour variants: from natural tones to the rich gold nuances, from the vivid fire red, to the ethereal light blue, to the tones of grey and black

l’Opificio by Wilson&Morris

Two Italian stories, two family companies linked by a strong passion and by a100% Made in Italy production, have created a collection of decorative paints intense and with a strong personality.

Barbara Bertoldo inspired by the exuberant colour palette proposed by l’Opificio Velvet collections and Wilson&Morris created a new line of decorative paints in 24 colour variants finish Emulsion Matt (water based paints) or Emulsion Eggshell (a glaze with egg shell matt finish).At Maison & Objet l’Opificio stand wears the beige nr 1025 and black nr 9011 finish Emulsion Matt.

Also the line of decorative paints l’Opificio by Wilson&Morris guarantees a high quality product of high affidability, created and produced in Italy

“Tampone Process Oxidation on Velvet”

After his works like the Lamp “Materia 1A”, the collection “Reperti 3017d.C.” the console “Consolidi” and the mirrors “Riflessi Erosi”, he explores and make use of the characteristics of the velvet as a memory using the “tampone process” in association with the oxidations to create his new works named MAPS.

Matteo Tampone says: “I am fascinated by industrial archeology, the memory of working places which regenerate and are integrated with the rapid changing of the city”.
It is in that perspective that a silk velvet cloth harbours the memory of metal scrap with the oxidation traces.
Its composition creates a resemblance of a neighborhood or of a square of an imaginary city. At night or day, prints of industrial remains that leave a non-fading mark of their souls.
Rust represents the urban life in contrast with the luxurious surface of the silk velvet.

The works light is iridescent and constantly alters depending from the point of view, pointing out in its chaos the liveliness and the constant change of nowadays metropolis.
The works are called MAPS neighborhood/ MAPS square in the variants night and day.

The same philosophy applies to the line of cushions created for l’Opificio called MAPS. Unique pieces made with the “tampone process” with oxidations on Velvet defined by the artist designer of Turin.

This collaboration between l’Opificio and Matteo Tampone will allow creating pieces made-to-order.

l'Opificio Maison Objet Gennaio 2020 | Exclusive Brands Torino

Performing Textile

l’Opificio high-performance textile proposal, practical and resistant includes fire-retardant and washable fabrics and velvet, is dedicated to the contract and hospitality projects, thus with a design and quality perfect for residential projects that require easy to use textiles for the interiors.

The selected yarns, like polyester, modacrilico, Dralon or Trevira and the production process, guarantee textile oleo-repellant, water-repellant, antifungal and rot resistant, light resistant and washable in water.

Some collections have a Martindale in excess of 100 000 and the maximum resistance to the pilling, which make them the perfect choice for a heavy use.

It is a collection that can satisfy different styles, including mountain interiors with velvet and patterns dedicated. The service is completed by the bespoke productions that offer in a fire-retardant high- performing version the variety of colours, patterns and texture of l’Opificio collections.