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Fashion Engigeering & Production


Fashion Engigeering & Production

Pattern was founded in 2000 by Fulvio Botto and Francesco Martorella and today has become the landmark for pattern-making, engineering, grading, prototyping and production for the most prestigious worldwide brands exclusively show and main lines for womenswear and menswear


Pattern S.p.A. was founded in 2000 by Fulvio Botto and Francesco Martorella. Thanks to their previous professional experience working for the most prestigious international brands, Franco and Fulvio decided to set up their own business in the field of top line fashion pattern-making and engineering.

In 2013 Pattern is the first Italian company to obtain the International Certification SA8000 Social Accountability thanks to the alignment of the internal processes to the environmental principles and the implementation of safe human resources management, both internally and on the supply chain.  

In July 2014, Pattern took over ESEMPLARE, specialized in functional menswear, that becomes the only property brand of the company.

During 2016, Pattern published its first Sustainability Report based on GRI principles, first SMEs in the textile and clothing sector and is selected to become part of the Elite Program of Borsa Italiana.

In 2017 Pattern acquires Roscini Atelier, giving new energy to an Italian entity that was going lost and reinforcing its activity in the pattern-making and production of women’s collections. 

In 2018, Pattern received the Elite Certification and lunched “From Red to Green Carpet” project, with the aim of making the company sustainable having zero impact on the environment within 2023.


Pattern Group consists of three production units located on the Italian territory, each one focused on a specific sector:

  • Turin, Piedmont

Luxury menswear, focus on outerwear, sportswear and tailoring

  • Spello, Umbria

Luxury womenswear, focus on soft fabrics and jersey, dresses and tailoring

  • Reggio Emilia, Emilia Romagna

Luxury knitwear

The presence on the 3 mentioned productive sectors allows the Group to directly manage different transversal businesses, including the engineering and production of hybrid garments characterized by different materials and processes.

Also for this reason, Pattern keeps on investing on R&D for the different phases of engineering and production process, such as the development of the most advanced 3D CAD software in the pattern-making and the implementation of the digital warehouse with the aim of optimizing the supply chain through the blockchain and RFID technology.

Fashion Engigeering & Production


Pattern has always had the aim to develop and create the best luxury products, deploying the best know how and technologies, in a more and more demanding world. But the traditional way of working in this industry has a price: it is the second most polluting industry. 

Pattern has the opportunity, as well as the duty, to represent the change necessary to make this sector eco-sustainable, by controlling and reducing the environmental risks associated with its entire value chain. 

That is why Pattern started the 5 year plan “From Red to Green Carpet” with the aim of creating a better future for the new generations 

As well as producing the best luxury products for customers with the lowest environmental impact, “From Red to Green Carpet” aims to create the same luxury that today walks on the most famous catwalks by drastically reducing the impact on the environment. 

Pattern has identified three main goals to achieve:




With this project Pattern is facing an important challenge: creating value from sustainability. In order to achieve these ambitions Pattern aims to involve suppliers through its actions, including them in a path of raw materials and workers sustainability, by trying to improve the environment in which they operate. 

The 3 main goals provide for a series of practices implemented by the company. In terms of clean and renewable energy, Pattern wants to exploit solar or geothermal energy to reduce emissions, for this reason it has completed ed the installation of photovoltaic panels and a geothermal system for new warehouses. In addition, Pattern wants to make the entire production cycle sustainable by eliminating all the polluting raw materials. As for the reuse of materials, Pattern uses its ESEMPLARE brand to experiment recycled raw materials. All these practices are therefore accompanied by an ever-active search for new technologies in the manufacturing processes that can help reducing the impact in terms of emissions.

Pattern main goal is to have zero impact on the environment, being carbon neutral and using renewable energy within 2023. The plan also involves social sustainability, in order to ensure a high-quality working environment, able to stimulate employees, as well as an economic sustainability, by using first-quality certified raw materials and guaranteeing respect to the environment. 




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