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Oscalito, 80 years of Made in Italy excellence
lingerie oscalito made in italy exclusive brands torino


Made in Italy since 1936


Oscalito, 80 years
of Made in Italy excellence

oscalito eccellenza made in italy exclusive brands torino

Oscalito is the Italian brand that since the ’30s has been producing quality underwear and knitwear, throughout an ethically responsible and sustainable production process.
Excellence, Naturalness and Made in Italy are the three main elements shaping the philosophy of Oscalito, within a story made “without ever losing the thread” of a great passion.

Each of his creations renews every day the Italian sartorial tradition, exclusively made in Turin. Here in Turin Oscalito began in 1936 his production of underwear, lingerie and knitwear for men and women, with an unmistakable style, entirely made in the company’s premises, where all the phases of the production process take place; from the thread to the finished garment.

“The Oscalito brand tells the story of a family and a city, Turin, but also of Italian tailoring excellence.”

oscalito eccellenza made in italy exclusive brands torino

80 years of Made in Italy excellence

oscalito eccellenza made in italy exclusive brands torino

Oscalito Mission is based on the choice to use only the excellence of natural fibers, which ensure the quality of each garment, entrusted to the experience of the skilled manpower and to the deliberately slow production stages of the circular knitting machines of ancient tradition that finally become a distinctive feature of the company.

Oscalito aims to create and enhance the conditions for sustainable growth with respect to the ecosystem, and for a production always integrated and respectful of the social and territorial environment.
Oscalito has remained faithful to its values over the years, creating high-end and unique products with a 100% Italian supply chain.

Quality, well-being, comfort: Oscalito creations have a distinctive personal and original touch, which has made the brand a reference point for Made in Italy lingerie all over the world.

Oscalito has a unique production process and a unique spirit that animates its personality in a continuous research between tradition and innovation; today the RFID technology applied to each label guarantees the complete production process traceability of all garments, distributed in over 40 countries around the world, from Paris to Tokyo, in Italy as well as in France and in the United States.

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