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Italian fashion products have always been an ambassador of Italian way of life in the world. Moda Italiana is always linked to craftsmanship, attention to detail, passion, perfection and tradition: these are just some of the elements that can be found in every Italian fashion products.

Moda is not only clothing but also handcrafted jewelry, eyewear watches and accessories. Exclusive Brands Torino has among is brands the best names in Italian luxury and the excellence in accessories and fashion clothing sector.

Tradition, innovation, excellence and quality: through these values, our Brands promotes Italian Moda around the world.


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The Mattioli brand stands out with its handmade Made in Italy jewellery collection known throughout the world for its perfection and the high quality of the materials used.

In 1936 the Oscalito brand was created in Turin. Working with only high quality natural fibres, lines of underwear and knitwear were developed for men, women and children. From generation to generation, Oscalito is still today the leading company in the production of men’s and women’s underwear, lingerie and knitwear. The Oscalito garment is the synthesis of quality, creativity, professionalism and is exclusively and totally Made in Italy.

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Vanni Occhiali | Exclusive Brands Torino

VANNI glasses were born in Turin 30 years ago but now are trendy in Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Sidney. VANNI is the avant-garde in the world of creative eyewear, eyewear design.

Pattern is nowadays an international best in class in design, engineering, development, prototyping and production of fashion clothing lineups. Pattern serves the  most famous and glamour fashion brands in the world and helps them to create masterpieces. 


Allemano creates “Misuratori del tempo” that are ideal travel companions to measure all moments of pleasure in every day life. A great champion in Italian luxury products with an endless charm.