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Cristina Tardito, the entrepreneurial designer
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“Pret-a-porter clothing that has a minimalistic, flowing and sensual style. Dresses, skirts and fine knitwear dedicated to a self-confident woman who finds a means of communication through fashion”


The creativity and excellence
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kristina ti exclusive brands torino

Italian fashion is undoubtedly one of the leading products of Made in Italy, not only what we now call “Haute Couture”, but there is also an entire production chain, a group of companies in our country, that strives everyday, with all the difficulties that an extremely competitive market like the this one can have, to research and offer products that embrace the entire scope of the Made in Italy values.

Cristina Tardito, the brains and heart of the Kristina Ti brand, knows this well, and since she took over the reins of the company founded by her father Franco Tardito in 1964, she has been pursuing an entrepreneurial idea that differs considerably from most of the modern market logic that often sees the quality of the product as an accessory not as a fundamental element. A company strategy focused not only on preserving this idea, but also on continuously adapting it to the constantly changing reality of the Fashion sector.

“A company strategy focused not only on preserving this idea, but also on continuously adapting it to the constantly changing reality of the Fashion sector”

kristina ti cristina tardito exclusive brands torino

creativity and excellence

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In the factory, just a stone’s throw from Turin thanks to Cristina’s father, Franco, many successful projects have been unveiled. First and foremost, the iconic “John Player Special”, a collection of men’s swimsuits where the concept of fashion met functionality It is precisely the city of Turin, with its intrinsic elegance, which becomes the ideal setting to create and develop the Kristina Ti brand, first beachwear for a woman who is attentive to detail, never vulgar but strong-willed, and after, a total-look line that has made these values its cornerstones.

But the idea is nothing without a solid production plan, and it is here that Cristina Tardito’s entrepreneurial vision has invested its core business; the Kristina Ti brand is the result of a careful study across all the phases of the creative process, from the initial idea to the production of a collection, passing through all the intermediate steps of research and development. A collaboration and a continuous discussion between the various bodies of the process, aimed at improving day by day, trying to draw as much as possible from the artisan entities of the territory. In the case of Kristina Ti, we can speak not only about “Made in Italy” but also “Made in Piedmont”, where textile craftsmanship is present and of the highest level.

Fundamental collaborations with luxury brands from around the world, which have allowed Kristina Ti to guarantee high quality products for their customers, to clearly define their idea of an “ideal woman” and to know how to find a solid position in the market. Entrepreneur and stylist: Cristina is primarily responsible for managing the business and personally designs her own collections as well as offering creative consulting to various leading brands in the sector, thus fully demonstrating her creative and managerial skills learned throughout the years of company management. A solid idea of innovation in the textile sector combined with a clear example of female entrepreneurship.

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