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Waters are not all the same

Water is a precious commodity and is a very important element of our daily lives. Anyone who thinks that all waters are the same is wrong. Every water is different and understanding how to choose the right drinking water can be essential for a healthy lifestyle.

What makes the waters different are the sources of origin, the composition and the percentage of minerals dissolved in it. These are the elements that give water different taste and properties.

To choose the right water well, you need to learn to read the label on the bottle. There are all the features and also the results of the analyses carried out on the water. These are bacteriological and chemical-physical analyses, parameters that determine water safety.

These analyses ascertain the suitability of the entire water production process. It is necessary to reach certain quality standards to reach supermarket shelves.

Discover the unique flavour of Lauretana water

But if the waters are not all the same, what makes them different? The fixed residue, i.e. the quantity of minerals dissolved in 1L of water measured after evaporation at 180° and expressed in milligrams/litre. This data classifies them in minimally mineralized (fixed residue <50 mg/litre), trace minerals (fixed residue between 50 and 500 mg/litre), medio minerals (fixed residue between 500 and 1500 mg/litre), rich in mineral salts (fixed residue > 1500 mg/litre).

The difference can immediately be noticed in the appearance of the water and above all, in the taste. Furthermore, each water can be suggested for a particular lifestyle or to solve certain health problems. Let's not forget that drinking lots of water is one of the first tips for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Each water then differs further due to its concentration of mineral salts.

Lauretana water represents the excellence of Italian waters. The source is more than 1000 meters high, in the north of Piedmont, in a pristine place that comes from the Monte Rosa glacier. Lauretana water remains pure thanks to the granite bed on which it flows which keeps it microbiologically pure

Lauretana water is part of the Exclusive Brands Turin network because it is made to the highest standards of excellence. This water is mineral, light and healthy: with only 14 milligrams of solids dissolved per litre, Lauretana water is extremely light. Lauretana water is completely without heavy metals, such as uranium and arsenic, which is why it is the ideal water for hypertensives, for those suffering from heart failure, chronic renal failure, water retention and for the diet of children.

An excellent taste that is the result of a unique and safe production process: Lauretana water is the perfect ally for the health of the whole family.

Images by Instagram @acqua_lauretana

Images by Instagram @acqua_lauretana