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Turin, the birthplace of Italian fashion

Torino is known all around the world as the city of great Italian specialties. Among these specialties, the fashion industry is one of the most celebrated and famous in all the world. Its quality, creativity, passion and innovation are only some of the elements which represent the Made in Italy haute couture.

The history of Italian fashion started in Turin. The Piedmont capital, which has always been a symbol of elegance and refinement, was the birthplace of the most sought-after inspirations that gave way to an industry that is still today among the most lucrative in our country.

It was here, in fact, on 3 March 1911 for the first time an Italian woman wore a pair of female trousers. A new and original expression, which represented the beginning of a real revolution in the field of Italian fashion.
The pair of trousers was a creation of the French tailor Paul Poiret, who had launched this model during the Turin exhibition in 1911.
It was the first time that an Italian woman wore a garment that had always been thought of as men's clothing. It is said that this scene created such a stir that the woman was forced to hide in a shop in Turin for many hours before the storm passed.

This event, which for us today could be thought of as a simple legend, was in reality an extraordinary act in those days.
The fact that it happened in Turin is not by chance.
Turin, a city of art and culture, has always shown a natural instinct towards innovation.
The history of the Piedmont capital and its mix of cultures and traditions have influenced the forward thinking spirit that still characterizes the city.
Turin is a city with an open mind to new things. It is curious about the world and is not afraid to change while remaining faithful to Italian traditions.

For this reason, on March 3, 1911, it was in Turin that an Italian woman decided to wear a pair of Parisian fashion trousers, giving way to the history of Italian fashion.

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The history of Italian fashion in Turin

The history of Italian fashion in Turin started at the beginning of the twentieth century. Right from the start the city demonstrated the excellence of Italian know-how with its hand crafted textiles.
The quality of the thread and the important tailoring tradition are the two elements that have shaped Turin fashion.
The great size of Turin and its role as a record holder in Italian fashion were consecrated in 1911 by Expo and the luxurious Fashion Pavilion. It was in this occasion in which international fashion, especially Parisian fashion, was introduced to the city and from then on influenced the perception of clothes and the way of dressing. The great fashion shows were the testing ground for many Turin tailors and from there the Turin fashion industry was launched.

In 1932 the Autonomous Body for National Fashion was born in Turin, then called the National Fashion Agency. The Enta was founded with the aim of promoting and fostering Italian style. The style was based on the values of Made in Italy which included high quality fibres and fabrics produced in Italy, the excellence of Italian tailoring and the originality of Italian pieces, which in 1936 began to be registered with a trademark. The following year the first National Fashion Show was inaugurated.

The distinctive traits of Turin fashion were undoubtedly the excellent craftsmanship and the great tailoring skills, which attracted clients of the wealthiest families.

The transformation from tailoring to industrial production took place in the 1960s, with the creation of the GFT (Textile Financial Group).

The GTF became the distribution and industrial headquarters of the great Italian fashion companies, including Valentino and Armani. It achieved great success to the point of hiring around 8,000 employees.

Those were glorious years for Italian fashion in Turin. Stylists and artists from all over the world came to the Piedmont capital to be inspired by handcrafted creations made with extreme attention to detail and finishing.

A glory that would have lasted forever if it were not for the oil crisis that hit the city years later, but as a result was the arrival of a new way of conceiving fashion.

With the introduction of a “prêt-à-porter” fashion concept, otherwise know as "ready to wear" fashion, the biggest transformation of Italian and international fashion took place.
Handmade clothing gave way to mass production. In this context, the quality and excellence of Turin textile craftsmanship with the use of the best fibres represented a production cost that was too high compared to the fashion industries that were beginning to create collections in series to sell to an ever wider target.

Turin designer fashion is still today a symbol of Made in Italy excellence in the world. The Piedmont area boasts numerous examples in which the search for the best raw materials, the tailoring quality and the refined finishing are essential elements for original creations rich in passion and creativity.

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Turin Made in Italy haute couture

Today it is possible to recognize the quality of Made in Italy high fashion through successful companies in the designer fashion sector.
High fashion in Turin finds its expression through the use of precious and original fabrics, where creativity and innovation are the basis for creating unique and refined collections.

In the fashion sector the name that stands out in Turin and international fashion is Kristina Ti. Behind the brand is Cristina Tardito, a creative and passionate woman who dresses women with collections of original clothes rich in femininity. Cristina Tardito was born in Turin and, after travelling around the world in search of the most distant inspirations, she returned to Turin to kick off her unique and personal way of experiencing fashion.

Discover the fashion by Kristina Ti

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But not just fashion. Haute couture is recognizable in the details of fine fabrics. It includes the best silks, the most refined velvet as well as fresh and elegant cottons made from the finest fibres. Opificio is all this and much more. The fabric and velvet company for furniture in Turin is a representative of the Made in Italy textile excellence in the world. High fashion in interior design, this is how unique collections of fabrics are created that furnish the most sophisticated interiors. In addition to the most precious fabrics and velvet, Opificio also creates curtains for interiors, ottomans, elegant quilts and Made in Italy decorative pillows.

Feel the excellence of l'Opificio fabrics at first hand

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The excellence of Italian fabrics is also the style of the Quagliotti company, which specializes in the production of one of a kind fabrics, bed linens, sheets, tablecloths and Jacquard bedspreads. The values of Made in Italy are recognized in the search for the best raw materials, the elegance of the finishing, the attention to models and the packaging.

Discover the elegance by Quagliotti

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In the Made in Italy lingerie sector, Turin boasts the name Oscalito. This is where Italian excellence is the key to creating underwear, lingerie and knitwear for men and women with an unmistakable style. All the products are of Italian production where all the phases of the production process are controlled.

Look at the Made in Italy style of Oscalito lingerie

Tradition and innovation of Made in Italy haute couture. Passion and Italian spirit for products of great excellence recognized all over the world.
This is Turin: forever, the birthplace of true Italian fashion.

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