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The quality certifications

How many times have you looked at a product and asked yourself the meaning of the different acronyms written on the package? Those strange acronyms that you have seen are the certifications and knowing them is fundamental for the guarantee of the consumer.

Here is a guide on the main certifications!

ISO certifications

ISO Certifications are the most common. The initials ISO identify the rules developed by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). After this acronym we find 2 numbers, the first indicates the type of certification while the second the year of updating.

Certifications for BIO products

There are also specific certifications for organic products. The organic certifications are fundamental because they serve to guarantee the organic production chain up to the final sale.

How to recognize the organic certification logo? It is the leaf composed of little stars always accompanied by a code that identifies the biological control body and the identification number of the controlled operator.

Sustainability certifications

The most famous international sustainability certification is the Fairtrade certification. The certification is specific to those who engage in a type of trade that fights against exploitation and poverty linked to economic, political or social causes.

But also here you need to be careful, as for example the FAIRTRADE brand can only be used on single product packaging with 100% Fairtrade material.

Certifications are important to know in depth the characteristics of the product that is consumed. It is essential to always check the packaging and be able to read the different logos correctly.

An example? Costadoro's certifications, an aspect on which the company pays close attention.

The company is certified with the ISO 9001 standard and since 2015 also the ISO 14001 certification. This year the company won the certification for fully compostable OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL packaging.

But not only: Costadoro also produces a blend of Costadoro RespecTo organic coffee: the eco-friendly blend where the coffee used is 100% from organic farming and 100% Fairtrade certified.

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