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The Montessori method in Quercetti toys

The Montessori method is named after Maria Tecla Artemisia Montessori, educator, philosopher, doctor, child neuropsychiatrist and Italian scientist. Her method is still known worldwide and adopted by thousands of schools and parents in every corner of the planet.

The principles of the Montessori method are applicable at school but also at home.

Maria Montessori puts the child at the centre of the learning process. The Montessori method is based on the principle that it is the child who, placed within a stimulating environment, freely chooses the activities to do, the materials to be explored, the toys to try and the tools useful for their learning.

There are many principles in Maria Montessori’s method. The first concerns the environment: according to the Montessori method, a child is able to learn better in an orderly environment. Therefore, both at school and at home, it is advisable to place shelves and baskets at child height for storing games, books and everything related to the child. The objects can be many and varied: the important thing is to accustom the little ones to order, this will teach the value of the objects and the practice of an important activity, even as adults.

According to Maria Montessori, the growth of a child completely depends on the free choice of the latter, that is the possibility of being able to choose the right thing to satisfy their needs independently. The task of the educator and the parent is to monitor and intervene as little as possible, only in the case of risks. Attention: this does not mean not giving rules to children, but leaving them free to make mistakes. In error the child will be stimulated to look for a solution and this will put an extra piece into their growth.

Play your imagination with Quercetti toys

Stimulus is what the child needs during the different stages of growth. A stimulating environment is needed, both at school and at home, rich in materials, games, objects to explore. The child must be stimulated to move and use all five senses: in this way they will train concentration, curiosity and satisfaction in achieving their goals from an early age.

In the Montessori method, the relationship between play and child plays a fundamental role. Maria Montessori is among the first to understand how play has an extraordinary value in the learning of the child, so much to say that "play is the work of the child". In addition to the obviously playful value, the Montessori method recognizes its profound educational role and for this reason children's play activities must be chosen with extreme care.

Exclusive Brands Torino boasts the Quercetti toy company, leader in the production of toys in Italy, within its Made in Italy excellence network.

For Quercetti, Maria Montessori represents an important point of reference. Starting from the respect of the child and their spontaneity, the company produces toys that leave children free to express themselves and learn. The company says that their goal is "to make children free, happy and independent because they are respected in their time and space".

Quercetti toys meet the principles of the Montessori method. They are toys without sounds, lights, or electronics: this is to avoid distracting the child during play.

This is why Quercetti toys are unstructured and are adopted by many Montessori schools. 

Exclusive Brands Torino has respect for children among its values and children as the centre of its education. The excellence of Made in Italy finds in the Piedmontese company Quercetti one of its greatest expressions: safe, stimulating and 100% Italian children's toys.

Il metodo Montessori nei giochi Quercetti

Images by Instagram @quercettitoys

Il metodo Montessori nei giochi Quercetti

Images by Instagram @quercettitoys