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The idea of sustainability for Pininfarina, Building, Quercetti

What does sustainability mean?

A simple question but full of different nuances.

We asked all our companies: here are the answers from Pininfarina, Building, Quercetti.

Sustainability for Pininfarina

“Pininfarina has always had in its DNA attention to the sustainability of its projects, evidenced by many examples throughout our 90 years of history. Starting with the first 1: 1 scale Wind Tunnel in Italy built in the 70s, to then move on to the first electrically powered cars in the 90s or even research studies on hydrogen cars today. In the automotive sector, we have in fact always combined the study of formal solutions of excellence with research and innovation, to ensure high performance and sustainability for our projects. 

The same approach applied to the automotive sector was then translated into the other sectors in which we operate. Architecture, for example - in great development with projects all over the world, from Latin America to China to pass through Europe - takes advantage of our skills in the automotive field to propose solutions for saving energy in new real estate developments or the use of energy from renewable sources. In addition, in the design we propose to clients the use of innovative materials that ensure better thermoregulation of buildings or the reuse of materials to support the circular economy. 

L'idea di sostenibilità per Pininfarina, Building e Quercetti | Exclusive Brands Torino
L'idea di sostenibilità per Pininfarina, Building e Quercetti | Exclusive Brands Torino

Finally, Pininfarina has always designed around people, their desires and dreams. We therefore intend in a broad sense the concept of sustainability, designing with the aim of creating comfort and safety for those who will use our products, paying great attention to ergonomics and ease of use. The accessibility of our projects is fundamental for us, whether it is an architectural project or a means of transport. Finally, operating in extremely competitive sectors, we collaborate closely with our partners so that the projects are economically sustainable.”

Sustainability for Buinding

“As Gruppo Building we have always worked with commitment, determination and competence, with the aim of giving back to the community an architecture linked to technological innovation and environmental sustainability. 

The latter is now one of the main trends that will drive the future of the real estate sector, but for us it has had a special meaning for a long time. To Building, "sustainability" means facing the challenges of climate change, but also the economic, social and environmental ones that inevitably derive from it. This results on the one hand in a great attention to quality and the construction process - from the choice of the materials (such as environmentally-friendly wood) to the use of responsible technologies and investments - and on the other hand in our development path, making the recovery and redevelopment of existing buildings in green terms one of its cornerstones. In this respect, circularity, energy redevelopment and resource saving are the watchwords that make our vision of a future eco-friendly city with low environmental impact increasingly real.

L'idea di sostenibilità per Pininfarina, Building e Quercetti | Exclusive Brands Torino
L'idea di sostenibilità per Pininfarina, Building e Quercetti | Exclusive Brands Torino

Our Uptown Torino project - the reconversion of the structure of the Ordine La Salle in Villa San Giuseppe, which has hosted university students since 1972 - is a marvelous example of our approach of attention to sustainability. In fact, the complex is currently undergoing CasaClima certification, a brand that has become its own national and European benchmark for energy-efficient and sustainable building, as further recognition of its high construction standards. Behind the Gran Madre, there will be an exclusive and modern terrace overlooking Turin, perfectly integrated in the context of the pre-collina: a habitat designed in harmony with nature, which stands as an essential and functional element. The works, which began in summer 2020, will lead to the construction of a residential building of 4 above-ground floors, built in a sustainable way and taking the environmental impact into high consideration, with several cohousing services for tenants (including a social area with kitchen and a BBQ area), private gardens and a community vegetable garden, as well as a five-a-side football pitch, a paddle court and a gym with fitness area and sensory journey. “

Sustainability for Quercetti

For Quercetti, sustainability is an ethical path taken from the very beginning, given by the sense of responsibility towards the environment and everything that makes it up. 

As a company that makes educational toys for children, we are and must be an example for the new generations. Sustainability can and must be understood in a broader sense, as the valorisation of one's own territory. Quercetti has always been convinced of this, maintaining its only production plant in Turin.

Sustainability is the decision to make all product packaging with 100% recycled paper and to set up a cycle of using waste plastic material, within the company, to make new products. 

L'idea di sostenibilità per Pininfarina, Building e Quercetti | Exclusive Brands Torino
L'idea di sostenibilità per Pininfarina, Building e Quercetti | Exclusive Brands Torino

Sustainability is an assiduous research for the realisation of toys that are as low environmental impact as possible, selecting eco-friendly raw materials from the most traditional, such as wood coming from certified forests, to the most innovative, such as the exclusive bio plastic. 

Sustainability means love and passion in what we do, hoping that it can be an inspiration, especially for the children to whom we entrust the fate of our planet. For this reason Quercetti has intended the game not only as a playful/educational tool but also as a vehicle to spread important themes. 

In recent years, in particular, this commitment has been realised with a new line, called Play Bio, characterised by bioplastic composed of 40% wood fibre. 

"Sustainability means acting in the present, bearing in mind that each step can be incisive for a better future for which we are all responsible."