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The history of gelato

The history of gelato has distant roots. Only a few people know, but every time you taste the unique and creamy Italian gelato, you also taste a tradition that has been followed for many centuries in the past.

Gelato is one of the best products of the Italian culinary tradition. It represents one of the most loved and famous products in the world, a proof of Made in Italy quality.

The origins of gelato took place a long time before the invention of the refrigerator. So when was the gelato born?

History says that in 500 BC, in China, and among the inhabitants of the Mediterranean, there was something very similar to sorbet: in fact, it was common to freeze fruit juices or prepare refreshing iced drinks.

However, in the middle Ages the true story of gelato begins. In this period, trade relations between Sicily and the Arab world began to develop, and the ancestor of the sorbet begins to spread, arriving in Italy and Europe.

In the '500, in Florence, at the court of the Medici's, a chicken seller, Ruggeri, wins a culinary competition with a newly created dish: "ice to the sugary and perfumed water", a cold dessert.

When Caterina of the Medici family moved to Paris in 1533, she brought Ruggeri with her among the people of the court. The sweet gelato conquered Paris, even if Ruggeri had to return to Florence because he was "endangered" by the envy of the locals. In Paris, in 1686, the Sicilian Francesco Procopio de ’Coltelli opened the first coffee-gelato-shop. Here some creations that we love today were created: sorbet, fruit gelato, and granita.

In 1777, Filippo Lenzi opened an gelato bar in the United States, and with the arrival of chocolate, the first "cream gelato" creams began to appear.

Refresh yourself with Gelati PEPINO

Gelati PEPINO: italian traditional gelato

The Italian talent in cooking and the new recipes that were experimented are the ingredients that brought to the birth of gelato and its diffusion throughout the world. Among the Italian cities that are protagonists of the excellence of gelato, there is Turin: here, Domenico Pepino brought the knowledge about the gelato.
It was 1884 when Domenico, of Neapolitan origin, arrived in Turin with his family of gelato makers and with all the tools for the production of gelato.
He opened his first gelato shop, which soon became the symbol of cold pastry in Turin: "Vera Gelateria Napoletana" was the sign of the first shop.

A long history of tradition and innovation, which sees in 1939 an important year for the company. In that year, the first chocolate-coated gelato on a stick in the world is patented and marketed: the Pinguino ®.
Even today, it is one of the most copied gelato in the world.
PEPINO gelati are the symbol of the Italian gelati tradition in the world. The excellence of the raw materials and the processing methods mean that the PEPINO brand represents a symbol of quality both for the people of Turin and for all those who are looking for the true taste of the Italian gelato.

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