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The history of chocolate in Turin

Chocolate is one of the most famous Italian products in the world. With Made in Italy chocolate, our country tells the story of a long Italian tradition with its roots starting in Turin.
Good, tasty, delicious and always different, the history of chocolate is a string of secret recipes and invented to give children and adults a product that has no equivalent in the world.

Turin is the Italian city of chocolate. It is where the long tradition of chocolate masters began which has led to Made in Italy delicacies being envied by all the world. Piedmont is a territory prosperous in the food sector and the history of chocolate proves it.

The origins of chocolate in Turin

The origins of chocolate in Turin can be traced back to 1560. This was in fact the date in which Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy decided to celebrate the transfer of the Ducal capital from Chambéry to Turin by serving the city a cup of hot chocolate.

Since then, chocolate has become a delicacy of Made in Italy craftsmanship, creating the profession of master chocolatiers. The first artisans who worked in this profession invented new recipes and new forms to spread the art of chocolate in the territory.

It was in Turin in the eighteenth century that Bicerin was born, a beverage based on cocoa, coffee and cream which is still sought after today. Chocolate began to be appreciated by everyone and from this success started new experiments.

Combining tradition and innovation, in Turin the history of chocolate found its turning point in the creation of chocolates. Simply by solidifying the chocolate one of the symbols of Italian tradition was created.

In 1865 the Gianduiotto was created, the chocolate symbol of the city of Turin. The magic ingredient is the Langhe hazelnut, a specialty of Piedmont, which is why the original recipe of Gianduiotto remains a one-of-a-kind of the Piedmont capital.

From that moment, the major Italian chocolate manufacturers were founded in Turin. Great Made in Italy delicacies, know throughout the world, were created that have had the ability to keep the link with tradition intact, by honouring this great ingredient. Turin and Piedmont are still considered the largest Italian centres for chocolate production.

Chocolate in Turin is not just gianduiotto. This area is also responsible for the creation of cremino, a three-layer chocolate (gianduja, chocolate and hazelnut) as well as boero, the famous Italian liqueur-filled chocolate.

Alongside the great chocolate producers, there are many small 100% Made in Italy handcrafted chocolate companies.
These are historic places that are the reference point for those who want to buy real Italian chocolate in Turin. They are authentic shops where you can learn about the tradition of Turin chocolate combined with innovation, ethical production methods and top quality ingredients.

Brands that reflect the true values ​​of Made in Italy: quality, research, respect for the territory and excellence of Italian craftsmanship

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Made in Italy handmade chocolate in Turin

The name Guido Gobino stands out among the historical places that produce handmade Made in Italy chocolate in Turin. Gobino is considered one of the greatest chocolate artisans, master of the art of Italian chocolate making.

In 1946 the chocolate and candy production laboratory was founded by the commander Musso, where Giuseppe Gobino joined the company in 1964 as production manager.
The true story of Gobino chocolate started in 1980, when Giuseppe Gobino became the sole owner of the Laboratory.
He specialized in the production of traditional Turin chocolate: Giandujotto, the Gianduja cream spread and Chocolate with Hazelnut.

Right from the start the company's intention was to enhance the Turin ingredients with excellent quality products with the aim of producing and offering a staple in Italian homes. In 1985 Guido Gobino joined the company, with him we witnessed the introduction of new production processes always respecting the tradition of Turin chocolate.

The ancient recipes of chocolate are still preserved in the production of Gobino chocolate. In Turin, it remains one of the places where you can taste chocolate in all its uniqueness.
Today the name Gobino is renowned all over the world for the use of top quality ingredients, the ethical production in respect to the territory and the continuous research and innovation of the company. These things along with passion and creativity have made Guido Gobino the brand of Made in Italy. Guido Gobino products are found in the best specialty shops in Italy and around the world, in countries such as Germany, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Japan.

Enjoy the excellence of Gobino chocolate

The quality of Guido Gobino chocolate

Guido Gobino chocolate is characterized by the selection of the best raw materials and the control of the production chain. These aspects, combined with creativity, passion and research, make it possible to produce a chocolate that is unique in its excellence.

Guido Gobino selects the finest quality cocoa in the world and follows with a processing technique that does not include the addition of secondary products, such as vanilla or soy lecithin, to keep the chocolate taste authentic.

When producing hazelnuts, Guido Gobino fully controls the production chain with the roasting being carried out directly on the farm.

Gobino uses top quality ingredients, fully respecting the territory. It uses Taggiasco Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Liguria, Oranges and Almonds from Sicily, Peppermint from Pancalieri in Piedmont, Ceylon Cinnamon, Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar and Thai Ginger.

Innovative processing techniques such as the particular "dry" process (short processing times to preserve the aromatic notes of cocoa) and continuous and constant control ensure the high quality of the product.

Turin is the city of chocolate equated with excellence. The real Italian chocolate finds its highest expression here. A tour of the Turin specialty shops must include a stop in at the Guido Gobino laboratory to taste the real chocolate of the Made in Italy tradition.

Discover the unique quality of Gobino chocolate

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