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The car in Italy: a dream always alive

The history of cars in Italy fully represents the evolution of Italy. From the object of desires reachable by few, to a good widespread throughout the population and increasingly accessible.

The Italian automotive industry finds its splendor during the years of the "economic boom" becoming an important sector for the country's economy. Until now, the history of cars in Italy has undergone several evolutions, having an important impact on transport, technology and everyday life, transforming the way Italians travel.

The car industry for years represented the pillar of the Italian economy, but above all it became the spokesman of the great Italian values ​​in the world. The cars produced in Italy have always been a source of pride for Italians and give voice to the true Made in Italy. From production to design, each phase represents the greatness of Italian industry in the world.

Italian cars were successful in the world also thanks to the small companies specializing in the creation of large body designs.

This is the case of Pininfarina, which represents a real piece of Italy. The history of Pininfarina begins on May 22nd 1930 in Turin as a small artisan workshop with the Made in Italy brand in the world. It was founded with the name "Society anomima Carrozzeria Pinin Farina" by Battista Farina (known as Pinin, in Piedmontese) with his brother Giovanni.

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Initially the workshop was specialized in the construction of bodies for private customers. Over the years, however, it has become an industry capable of offering the automotive market complete automobile projects thanks to the help of engineers and the great passion for Pinin Farina's aerodynamics.

The first success came in 1947 with the construction of the Cisitalia 202, a true jewel that gave way to the fame of the Turin brand in the world. So famous that the Cisitalia 202 gets a place at the Moma in New York.

From 1961 the company passed under the guidance of the founder's son, Sergio, an internationally renowned designer who consolidated the company's success. At the end of the 50s the memory of the workshop is now far away and we are facing a real industrial reality. For Alfa Romeo, the company produces one of the cars that is still in the imagination of all Italians: the Giulietta Spider. Then came the Alfa Romeo Spider "Duetto", the Lancia Flaminia, the Lancia Flavia coupé, the Dino 246 and the Fiat "124 Sport Spider", "Dino Spider".

The Turin company Pininfarina in recent years has entered into important agreements abroad: Daewoo, Cadillac, Bentley and Mitsubishi, are just some of the brands that will rely on the Pininfarina experience.

Pininfarina is part of the network of Exclusive Brands Torino for its history of excellence and because it is the true spokesman of the Made in Italy values ​​in the world. The name Pininfarina is synonymous with design, aesthetics, research, perfection, quality and Italian style.

Pininfarina è parte della rete di Exclusive Brands Torino per la sua storia di eccellenze e perché vero portavoce dei valori del Made in Italy nel mondo. Il nome Pininfarina è sinonimo di design, estetica, ricerca, perfezione, qualità e stile italiano.

l'auto in italia: un sogno sempre vivo

Cisitalia 202, Image by @ pininfarina_official

l'auto in italia: un sogno sempre vivo

22 Maggio 1930, Fondazione della Compagnia, Image by @ pininfarina_official