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The art of perfume

The history of perfume is a story of great charm: throughout millennia, the art of perfume has invaded places and populations, becoming one of the symbols of artisan excellence in the world.

Almost seven millennia of history and culture: the word "perfume" comes from the Latin "per fumum" which means "through smoke". This refers to the origins of perfume, when the first fragrances consisted of burnt aromas that were offered to the gods.

Thanks to the campaigns of Alexander the Great, the art of perfume from the Middle East starts to land in Greece and Rome; then it arrives in Asia and again in Europe.
Perfume enters the palaces and courtyards, becoming the protagonist of stories and synonymous with personality.

Sweet or more bitter aromas, male or female, synonymous with sensuality or a sportier and determined character: perfume accompanies everyone's everyday life as an ally to enhance every type of personality.

Perfume also invades Italy: during the Renaissance, the charm of essences conquered all and the art of perfume is now at the centre of life in the courts.

Piedmont is one of the regions in which the art of perfume reaches peaks of great Made in Italy excellence.

Tradition has it that it was actually a Piedmontese, Giovanni Maria Farina, who produced scented water, the Eau de Cologne, very much in use in eighteenth-century courts.

Also in Piedmont, more precisely in Savigliano in the

province of Cuneo, stands the Muses, European Academy of Essences, where you discover all the secrets of the art of perfume through a sensorial journey.

Discover the art of perfume Tonatto

Images by Google Images

Images by Google Images

Exclusive Brands Torino, within its network of Made in Italy excellence, boasts a great name in the art of perfumery in the world: Tonatto Profumi, the luxury perfume company from Turin specializing in high quality perfumery craftsmanship.

16 years of excellence in the field of perfumery, 23 fragrances offered in body and home line, 70% of employees are women, 2 olfactory galleries, 1 laboratory, 1 e-commerce site, distribution in 46 countries around the world: these are the numbers of the magnitude of Maison Tonatto. Quality, creativity, exclusivity and research: Tonatto Profumi is an example of artisan excellence in their creations.

The art of perfume can be experienced within the Tonatto Olfactory Gallery, letting oneself be swept away by the wonder of essences, fragrances and perfumes capable of interpreting every type of personality.

Images by Instagram @tonattoprofumi

Images by Instagram @tonattoprofumi