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Founded in Turin in the spring of 1946, Estetica magazine was born as a periodical that targeted to hairdressing salons and read by a multitude of women. Thanks to the quality of the images, the innovative graphic design, and the exclusiveness of the hair styles presented, Estetica created a network with various editions, becoming the leading magazine in this sector all around the globe. Edizioni Esav has flanked Estetica with digital channels and content as well as other specialised publications, including Allure, the trade beauty magazine.

EDIZIONI ESAV is part of the Exclusive Brands Torino network and shares the typical values of Made in Italy with other companies. What are the values of EDIZIONI ESAV?

When people speak of elegance, style, and sophistication... Italy is one of the first things that come to mind. The drive that breathes life into businesses and inspires entrepreneurs to seek innovation and successful penetration on new markets are the most significant values of “Made in Italy”. The awareness of leadership that every company has - and that each one brings to the Network - is an incentive to go even further and create synergies among us.

Exclusive Brands Torino gathers together companies of excellence in the northern Italian region of Piedmont. What are the peculiarities of this territory?

There are too many Italian excellencies known worldwide that were born in Turin or in Piedmont: from fashion to automobiles, from design to radio and television, to cinema... Estetica magazine is part of this trend of new companies destined to become a global point of reference. Evidently our territory creates the ideal conditions for research, innovation and development. An entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity - both typical of the Piedmontese - contribute to attaining a good position on the market.

What does the word “excellence” mean for EDIZIONI ESAV?

It all starts with a quest for quality. This can never be missing from any aspect: from photography to copy, from the layout to the printing, from the cover of a magazine to the timely publication of a news online or a post on social media. Quality also means creativity, exclusiveness, internationality- And all these characteristics are combined, they make up the multi-faceted mosaic of excellence.

What strategies are used to convey the excellence of EDIZIONI ESAV?

Above all, seeking to present everything our company produces in the beast way possible, including the objectives attained and the resources deployed to reach them. Then making these winning resources and procedures available to the cosmetic companies that are our clients. In this way we can present ourselves as partners on their journey of growth and expansion on their markets of reference. And this last aspect assumes even more relevance when we are able to propose something that only we can give: at that moment you realise that you have reached a level of excellence.

Due chiacchiere di eccellenza Edizioni ESAV | Exclusive Brands Torino
Due chiacchiere di eccellenza Edizioni ESAV | Exclusive Brands Torino

The quality of products Made in Italy is recognised worldwide. How can the values of Italian know-how be exported?

This is the great challenge of Italian enterprise: not everyone knows how to export and export is not for everyone. When dialogue with friends of the Exclusive Brands Torino network, I realise how much the vision of “how to export” goes through some musts that all of us share: to have a high-quality product, knowing how to promote it effectively, choosing the best communications strategies. And doing it all with immense passion, never stopping.

What characteristics must a product have to be considered Made in Italy?

The ultimate synthesis of everything mentioned above. And the ultimate reward arrives when a buyer looks and appreciates your creation, your garment, your magazine, a product or a project and says: but you’re Italian, right?

What are the strong points of Italian craftsmanship according to EDIZIONI ESAV?

First of all, the tradition of absolute prominence that Italian quality craftsmanship has earned Then there is the exponential value given by the host of Italian companies that continue to work as craftsman, competing among themselves and striving to grow constantly.  Finally, the good taste that is innate in Italian artisans, as we mentioned before, and has always distinguished their production.

In conclusion, what are EDIZIONI ESAV’s objectives for the future, together with EBT?

The objective remains that of continuing to work in the spirit of the network: developing, promoting, and diffusing our editorial quality, keeping pace with the excellence of Made in Italy found in EBT: An objective that is doubly rewarding.

Due chiacchiere di eccellenza Edizioni ESAV | Exclusive Brands Torino
Due chiacchiere di eccellenza Edizioni ESAV | Exclusive Brands Torino

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