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Building was born in Turin in 1983: designing, building, imagining, inventing the city and living, industry and commercial spaces, civil, private and leisure places, in Italy and abroad. BP + P Boffa, Petrone & Partners was born within the Building Group and specializes in architectural design and feasibility studies, interior design, building renovation, restoration and construction management.

The Building Group is part of the Exclusive Brands Torino network and shares the typical values ​​of Made in Italy with other companies. What are these values ​​for the Building Group?

Since 1983, the year of the birth of Building, we have based our philosophy and our business on the passion for construction: the history of the Group has been written by men who have dedicated their lives to building, with commitment, seriousness and competence. and, above all, innovation. All this is reflected in the great attention to quality and to the construction process: our goal as Building is to ensure that each project stands as a unicum, thus distinguishing itself from standardized production.

Exclusive Brands Torino includes the companies of excellence of Piedmont. What are the peculiarities of this territory?

Historically, our territory has proven to be a crossroads of quality, tradition and culture, united by the desire to continually get involved, renew itself and aim decisively for the future. The city of Turin is emblematic in this sense: as strong of its historical and cultural roots as it is open to innovation and confrontation with international scenarios. The territory's DNA is well reflected in several of the Building Group's projects, which have made the recovery and conversion of historic buildings one of its strengths: from The Number 6 to Lagrange12 and Quadrato, passing through Domus Lascaris and Uptown Torino.

What does the word "excellence" mean for the Building Group?

For us the word "excellence" expresses the search for perfection, the result of a synthesis of quality, experience and know-how that is poured into every smallest architectural choice. To this, the Building works add the desire to give back to the community an architecture oriented by the values ​​of technological innovation, environmental sustainability and the exaltation of art. With its art spaces open to the public and the pedestrianization of Via Dellala, the recently inaugurated Domus Lascaris project is an excellent example of this.

Through which strategies is it possible to convey the character of excellence of the Building Group?

For years, the Building Group has embarked on a path of growth and excellence devoted both to innovation in living, ranging from the recovery of the existing to luxury real estate, as well as to commercial construction. This path is best expressed through our numerous national and international projects: in the two-year period 2020-2022 Building will carry out an investment plan for 80 million euros, which from Turin is pushing the Group's housing philosophy towards new, important goals.

Due chiacchere di eccellenza: Building | Exclusive Brands Torino
Due chiacchere di eccellenza: Building | Exclusive Brands Torino

The quality of Made in Italy craftsmanship is recognized all over the world. How are the values ​​of Italian know-how exported?

It is possible to export the values ​​and importance of our Made in Italy by adopting an increasingly global approach. Know-how and Italian products are already recognized all over the world as a synonym of quality, style, attention to detail and creativity: just think of The Number 6, our redevelopment project, winner of the "Building of the Year", the award assigned by ArchDaily, one of the most renowned architecture sites in the world. It is essential to be aware of the extent of your value, in order to be able to open up decisively to international markets, confident that you can make a difference.

What characteristics must have a  Made in Italy product?

Quality of raw materials and work, refinement and style, a deep bond with tradition combined with the continuous desire to experiment and innovate.

What are the strengths of Italian craftsmanship for the Building Group?

The strengths lie in the great value of experience, which has its roots in the history and culture of the country, together with the passion and creativity that have always distinguished us. For us "artisans" of Building, each work expresses the search for a balance between respect for the testimony of the past and the desire for contemporary expression.

To conclude: what objectives does the Building Group have for the future together with EBT?

Together with EBT, as well as through our projects, we will help to carry on and spread our values, exporting our living philosophy and the best of Made in Italy architecture far beyond the borders of our Turin.

Due chiacchere di eccellenza: Building | Exclusive Brands Torino
Due chiacchere di eccellenza: Building | Exclusive Brands Torino

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