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Vanni Occhiali

VANNI glasses were born in Turin 30 years ago to see the world. A synthesis between the rigor of design due to the contemporary suggestions of style and taste, a challenge in the name of color.

VANNI's is not craftsmanship, but limited edition industry, exported to 40 countries around the world.

VANNI is a member of the Exclusive Brands Torino network, and shares its core Made in Italy values with the other member companies. What do these values mean to VANNI? 

At VANNI, we are obsessive in our pursuit of style and quality. We are constantly studying and refining the materials, colour choices, and  innovative industrial processes used in the making of our eyewear. The common value we share places the culture of the product at its core: the result of a fine balance between detail-oriented production practices and an intangible sense of good taste, infused with the energy of a lifestyle envied around the world.

Exclusive Brands Torino draws together the best of Piedmontese companies. What are the special characteristics of this region?

Be it in fashion or other industries, productions have to find a place in the global market. They have to speak every language and every dialect, and may sometimes sacrifice their own individual accents to do so. Yet creating a product while maintaining that special bond with the land it comes from adds an intangible value, both stylistic and emotional, in the way it can embody the meaning of its roots, the look and the essence of a place that is dear to us.  

We want to feel global, but we don’t want to forget where we’re from. Roots are not chains, but important connections that nourish us. For this reason the relationship with the terroir should always be emphasised as an asset, and cultivated daily. Piedmont has been home to a thousand firsts. Let’s remember that Italy was born here- we’d call that innovation too! And that same innovative spirit has carried through to the automotive industry, radio, and design, not to mention food and wine. We have always been pioneers here, adventurers born ready to explore new terrain. 

What does the word “excellence” mean to VANNI?

To be excellent is to distance oneself from standardisation, from mass production, and to prize quality over all else, even commercialism. It means to offer a product that stands the test of time, that doesn’t age because it is well-constructed, that satisfies even the most discerning of consumers, everywhere in the world.

What strategies does VANNI use to communicate its standard of excellence?

Our “bello e ben fatto” (beautiful and well-made) product speaks volumes about us and about the values we export. Benefiting from our studies in communication, we convey our standard of excellence through our promotional materials, telling the Made in Italy story with the photographs in our original “la forma del gusto - the shape of taste” campaign, which draws from our culinary tradition.  The ability to measure out only the highest quality ingredients and to use them well, thanks to our skilled craftsmanship, allows us to obtain extraordinary results. But excellence also shows in the first impressions we make, in who we choose as our ambassadors, in how we foster relationships with our clients, going about business every day in a way that reflects who we are: efficient, yet still human and friendly. 

Due chiacchiere di eccellenza Vanni Occhiali | Exclusive Brands Torino
Due chiacchiere di eccellenza Vanni Occhiali | Exclusive Brands Torino

The quality of the Made in Italy artisanship is recognised across the world. How do you export the values of Italian expertise? 

Italian style is the symbol of excellence across the world because it is unique; even though often imitated, it remains unrivalled. Italian style has a cultural dimension that has evolved over the course of centuries, and which cannot be transferred over the arc of a generation. Italian style derives from an Italian way of life, lived on our land. From the food that we eat, to the buildings and the monuments that surround us, to the way we say hello to each other in the morning, to our music: we are famous all over the world for our creativity, for our ability to smile and to radiate warmth with our overwhelming zest for life. The challenge is to embody this spirit in our eyewear: whether it be in the detail of our original colour pairings, thanks to the study of new materials as if they were works of art, or with a shape that offers a contemporary take on the history of eyewear-- a national patrimony we are proud of. 

What attributes must a product have to be declared “Made in Italy”? 

It’s very simple: the product must be designed and manufactured on our territory. No bluffing, every step of the process in our factories must be made transparent. And it has to use top quality raw materials. We decided years ago to add “for sure” after the phrase “Made in Italy” as a way to emphasise that our eyewear is entirely manufactured in Italy, and our clients can be certain of that. 

According to VANNI, what are the strengths of Italian artisanship? 

We prefer to talk about the limited edition industry, as this is our world of reference. While artisan craftsmanship is typically reserved for unique pieces, we instead employ this concept of extreme attention to detail on an industrial scale, highlighting the process- even the technicality- of in-factory design. Our approach captures the spirit of big industry, which our region is a model for, and applies it to the exclusive numbers of our limited series. 

In conclusion: what goals does VANNI have for its future with EBT? 

For us at VANNI, it is a pleasure to participate in EBT. We have worked for many years with national associations in the eyewear sector, and now we want to work simultaneously on our own territory as well-- but in an original way. I believe that the transversality of EBT, which represents many distinct market sectors, provides an added value that will help us innovate, in terms of both product and communication. With a business, you can decide to play in different leagues; for us, being part of EBT means entering into a team that shares our diligent work ethic and places itself on the cutting edge of every field. We’re batting with the best, wearing the jersey of our city: the force behind the pitch is that much stronger.

Due chiacchiere di eccellenza Vanni Occhiali | Exclusive Brands Torino
Due chiacchiere di eccellenza Vanni Occhiali | Exclusive Brands Torino
Due chiacchiere di eccellenza Vanni Occhiali | Exclusive Brands Torino

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