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Quercetti is one of the leading companies in the production of 100% Made in Italy educational toys.

The entire and varied assortment, linked to the development of the Steam disciplines, is conceived, designed and built in Turin, at the only production plant of the company.

Quercetti is part of the Exclusive Brands Torino network and shares the typical values ​​of Made in Italy with other companies. What are these values ​​for Quercetti?

For Quercetti the value of Made in Italy corresponds to a firm decision, taken in 1950 and never abandoned. The same is motivated by the belief that the quality of a product also depends on the ability to manage its entire life cycle, from conception to packaging, enhancing the know-how and experience acquired over the years.

Exclusive Brands Torino includes the companies of excellence of Piedmont. What are the peculiarities of this territory?

Piedmont is the cradle of industrial realities that have made the history of Italian entrepreneurship as well as of new successful start-ups from which to take inspiration for new business models.

What does the word "excellence" mean for Quercetti?

Quercetti interprets the word excellence by attributing the following requisites to an industrial reality that possesses it: research, innovation, originality and competence. Excellence is a prerogative of a company that has gained reliability and esteem from the consumer and all its stakeholders.

Due chiacchiere di eccellenza: Quercetti | Exclusive Brands Torino
Due chiacchiere di eccellenza: Quercetti | Exclusive Brands Torino

Through which strategies can Quercetti's character of excellence be conveyed?

Communication represents one of the key levers for spreading the Quercetti brand and its positioning on the market.

Originality, ability to interpret the game and centrality of the play experience are its main strengths, transmitted to the consumer through the use of target media.

The quality of Made in Italy craftsmanship is recognized all over the world. How are the values ​​of Italian know-how exported?

Over time, Made in Italy has acquired the value of a real brand recognized for its authenticity and its style that is difficult to replicate. All the Italian brands, in fact, are perceived as highly innovative and unique on the market.

What characteristics must a product that declares itself Made in Italy have?

A 100% Made in Italy product must be designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, using quality materials or Italian semi-finished products.

The entire supply chain, from the conception to the packaging of the product must take place in Italy.

What are the strengths of Italian craftsmanship for Quercetti?

Italian craftsmanship has always been recognized and appreciated for the extraordinary inventive ability of its creators, for a great and strong aesthetic sense and last but not least for the history linked to each reality (often handed down from generation to generation) such as to consolidate a know-how established throughout the world.

To conclude: what goals does Quercetti have for the future together with EBT?

It is Quercetti's desire to reach an ever wider audience with the awareness that in the city there are excellent and successful industrial realities that stand out on the markets all over the world with high profile results.

Due chiacchiere di eccellenza: Quercetti | Exclusive Brands Torino
Due chiacchiere di eccellenza: Quercetti | Exclusive Brands Torino

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