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Quality goes beyond time and fashions and itself becomes a trend. This is testified by Oscalito, the brand founded in 1936 which for more than 80 years has never lost the thread, in the creation of its excellent knitwear.

Oscalito is part of the Exclusive Brands Torino network and shares the typical values ​​of Made in Italy with other companies. What are these values ​​for Oscalito?

First of all, Oscalito is not just a brand. It is a philosophy. We love the Earth and its gifts. We respect them and work them with gratitude. We borrow them to transform them into unique, natural garments for the well-being of the skin. Our garments are made with a short supply chain, exclusively with high quality natural, recyclable and biodegradable fibers, they last over time and do not quickly become waste. We only use Italian or European suppliers who deal with certified raw materials for the protection of the environment and health. Our Products respecting workers and promoting the knowledge of the local community, enhancing the use of renewable energy during production, sustainable packaging and recycled materials.

Exclusive Brands Torino includes the companies of excellence of Piedmont. What are the peculiarities of this territory?

Turin and the whole Piedmontese territory have always been characterized by the ability to know how to create. To know how to do. While maintaining a "low profile" soul, in response to those who shout boasting their successes, we Piedmontese seek more substance, leaving out the outline. We are concrete. And sometimes, I admit, this is a limit. Turin does and is, but often risks communicating it too little.

What does the word "excellence" mean for Oscalito?

Knowing how to create a totally Made in Italy product, respecting the rules of environmental sustainability and working exclusively with highly qualified products and personnel.

Through which strategies is it possible to convey Oscalito's character of excellence?

Working non-stop without ever losing its identity, structuring its brand on our principles and trying to enhance this focus through any communication tool. From social networks, to our label. Hand sewn and embroidered.

Due chiacchiere di eccellenza Oscalito | Exclusive Brands Torino
Due chiacchiere di eccellenza Oscalito | Exclusive Brands Torino

The quality of Made in Italy craftsmanship is recognized all over the world. How are the values ​​of Italian know-how exported?

There are several aspects that create the allure of Italian know-how, which the world recognizes in us. From our point of view: using a short supply chain, or the vertical integration of production. The promotion of artisanal, industrial and technological knowledge of the territory. The transmission of the warmth of a multiple culture characterized by knowledge rooted in time and transmitted from generation to generation. The production of quality goods, therefore durable (not destined to increase the quantity of waste produced in the very short term) and in conclusion the environmental and social sustainability of the production to be expressed in all the production phases of the supply chain. It is itself an expression of culture.

What characteristics must a product that declares itself Made in Italy have?

In addition to what I technically explained earlier, I believe that Made In Italy is the ability to offer and sell not only products, but a real lifestyle, oriented towards the pursuit of sustainable happiness and pleasure because they respect the environment and of the people involved, both in their production and in their consumption.

What are the strengths of Italian craftsmanship for Oscalito?

Experience, dexterity and certainly an unrivaled attention to detail.

To conclude: what objectives does Oscalito have for the future together with EBT?

Being part of the EBT Network of Excellence, as a constituent component of our territory (Turin and Piedmont) to be promoted, giving prestige to our territory (from global to local). What makes EBT in my opinion much more interesting than any other business association is the profound sharing of some values ​​which, from my point of view, define the only sustainable industrial model for the environment and social communities and which will have to impose itself in the next future; as a corrective of the negative externalities produced by globalization.

Due chiacchiere di eccellenza Oscalito | Exclusive Brands Torino
Due chiacchiere di eccellenza Oscalito | Exclusive Brands Torino

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