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Gelati PEPINO 1884

The story of “Gelati PEPINO 1884” begins in 1884 and continues today with the descendants of G. Cavagnino, represented by the young Edoardo.

Gelati PEPINO confirms itself as a "Made in Italy" company of excellence, maintaining a high-end positioning, changing the reference market thanks to marketing throughout the national territory, thus exiting the exclusively Piedmontese niche in favor of an international expansion.

Gelati PEPINO 1884 is part of the Exclusive Brands Torino network and shares the typical values ​​of Made in Italy with other companies. What are these values ​​for Gelati PEPINO 1884?

The values ​​we share with the Exclusive Brands Torino network are the same that underlie our corporate philosophy. Values ​​that are based on the quality of our products, which derive from responsible and far-sighted entrepreneurial paths and which over time have been able to create excellence recognized in the world, ambassadors of unique quality.

Exclusive Brands Torino includes the companies of excellence of Piedmont. What are the peculiarities of this territory?

Piedmont is fertile land for the birth of Made in Italy excellence in every sector: from food to fashion, from cars to design. We have a history made up of real unique entrepreneurial successes, men and women who have been able to intuit, invent and innovate entire markets, with ideas, entirely Made in Piedmont, many of which are still today the basis on which entire sectors growth develops. . This is the peculiarity of this land of ours.

What does the word "excellence" mean for Gelati PEPINO 1884?

Excellence for Gelati PEPINO 1884 is synonymous with history, the one we have been proudly carrying on for over 136 years; tradition, which characterizes our know-how and desire to work well every day; innovation which is the way to grow, certainly product innovation but also focused on building an increasingly sustainable and green industry.

Which strategies are used to convey the character of excellence of Gelati PEPINO 1884?

Our strategy is based on transparency, through correct information on the history, processing and ingredients of our products. We believe it is essential that, from the market player to the final consumer, everyone clearly knows the peculiarities of our products, in order to make an informed choice. A strategy that certainly allows us to convey the excellence of our references. We are not interested in shouted slogans, but rather in providing correct information that helps to choose and recognize the work we do every day.

The quality of Made in Italy craftsmanship is recognized all over the world. How are the values ​​of Italian know-how exported?

The values ​​of our "know-how" are exported by making known the immense ability of Italian artisan companies and the excellence of our products which, alone, are ambassadors of a unique culture in the world, that of Made in Italy. It is certainly not easy to approach internationalization operations and perhaps leaner and faster processes would be needed to take our companies across the border, but our real strength is the awareness that when we present ourselves to the world, the uniqueness of our proposals is immediately grasped. and appreciated.

What characteristics must a product that declares itself Made in Italy have?

There are two fundamental elements that make our products unique and recognizable as Made in Italy: the continuous search for excellent raw materials and the creation of a simple recipe, which is synonymous with genuineness and high quality.

What are the strengths of Italian craftsmanship for Gelati PEPINO 1884?

Italian craftsmanship certainly has one of its main strengths in innovation. The continuous research to innovate products and technologies makes us, without doubt, important players in the world market. A stage on which we play first-rate roles because they are able to plan and invest in the future of our companies.

To conclude: what are the objectives of Gelati PEPINO 1884 for the future together with Exclusive Brands Torino?

The objectives of Gelati PEPINO 1884 for the future can be summarized in one word: “continuity”. In fact, we believe that the path undertaken, which is based on the pursuit of excellence, is the best way to continue to offer high-end products. But continuity for Gelati PEPINO 1884 also means continuing on a path of promotion and enhancement of each of our companies, so that they are increasingly known and become a reference, even in international terms, of that knowing how to work well that characterizes Made in Italy so much. appreciated in the world.

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