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Sustainability for Witt Italia Group

For more than 50 years, the Witt Italia Group has been working win accordance with nature. Every single product is formulated, designed and manufactured directly in the modern establishment in Poirino (TO) with low environmental impact, using a renewable energy system, thanks to the 80 kW photovoltaic system that produces energy for self-consumption.  

The production department has been designed with an intense natural illumination and also the offices have been designed in the same key: an open space with large windows, underfloor heating, central air conditioning system and aromatherapy to ensure employee comfort and respect for the environment.

To compensate the green areas eliminated due to the expansion of the company headquarters, a large roof garden has been created on the terrace on the top floor, with many botanical species (red maple, olive tree, aromatic herbs) from which you can enjoy a wonderful view over the surrounding area.

The company headquarters hosts Baby Natura, the first wellness baby nursery in Italy inside a production company, to guarantee the total healthiness of the production processes.

The choice of suppliers and raw materials, always carefully selected according to high quality standards, is guided to prefer the closest one to the company site with the intent to reduce waste, transport and CO2 emissions.

The production method follows the cruelty-free concept, preferring raw materials from the plant world and absolutely non-GMO. 

The label 100% vegan on our products guarantees the absolute absence of animal products in all manufacturing. 

In addition, where possible we prefer to use extracts from organic cultivation, always in favor of sustainability.

Our formulas are extremely concentrated (for example, from 1 liter of multi-use detergent you can get up to 10 liters of ready-to-use products, all in one package, or with 2 liters of laundry product you can perform up to 133 washes) to minimize the level of emissions and waste.

The green thinking is also extended to the choice of 100% recyclable packaging, made with FSC paper, which promotes responsible forest management and environmental protection, and printed with vegetable oil-based inks.

La sostenibilità per Witt Italia Group | Exclusive Brands Torino
La sostenibilità per Witt Italia Group | Exclusive Brands Torino