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Sustainability for Pattern

The world of luxury, an industry still based on a traditional way of working, represents  the second most polluting industry.

In Pattern, we have the opportunity, as well as the duty, to represent the change necessary to make this sector eco-sustainable, by controlling and reducing the environmental risks associated with its entire value chain. 

Since we have started drawing up our Sustainability Report, we have always stated that Pattern is based on three pillars: human resources, technology and sustainability. And we want to take our responsibilities.

That is why Pattern started the 5 year plan to reach carbon neutrality called “From Red to Green Carpet” with the aim of creating the same luxury that today walks on the most famous catwalks by drastically reducing the impact on the environment.

With this project Pattern is facing an important challenge: creating value from sustainability, involving suppliers through its actions, including them in a path of raw materials and workers sustainability, by trying to improve the environment in which they operate.

In confirmation of the commitment, we confirmed the participation to the Climate Change Reporting managed by the international organization CDP and achieved a 2020 ESG Rating, referring to the year 2019, of level B-.

An exceptional score, almost unique in the fashion world - especially in Italy - higher than the European regional average of C, and higher than the global "Textile&Fabric Goods" global sector average of D.

In addition, confirming how vital supplier engagement is to achieve ambitious climate goals, Pattern achieved a place on the 2020 CDP Supplier Engagement Leaderboard,  a selection of companies based on the Supplier Engagement Rating (SER).

An incentive to continue on this road

Sostenibilità per Pattern | Exclusive Brands Torino
Sostenibilità per Pattern | Exclusive Brands Torino