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Sustainability for Costadoro

Sustainability for Costadoro means adopting a company policy that knows how to harmonize economic objectives with the social and environmental objectives of the reference territory with the aim of preserving the environmental, social and human heritage for the benefit of current and especially future generations. 

In concrete terms, for Costadoro the sustainability of a company concerns not only the quality, reliability and safety of the product, but also the safeguarding of the environment and health, energy saving and the correctness of advertising information to consumers. 

Sustainability is a form of voluntary responsibility that companies tend to assume towards their main social interlocutors, the so-called stakeholders with whom the organization itself interacts. 

For Costadoro, the need for sustainability stems from ethical reasons and from the need to define the company's positioning with respect to other competitors: today, in order to define itself as excellent, a company must also necessarily be socially useful. Sustainability and social utility, in a nutshell, can be expressed in different ways: towards the product, the environment and people. 

Sustainability for Costadoro is summarized in its annual CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Report where all the requirements are described and all the actions taken to be consistent with what has been declared are listed.