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Smart working, how to do

During this period everyone has experienced smart working. But what is Smart Working? The literal translation is "intelligent work", but it means much more.

Smart Working is a working model that is based on the autonomy of the worker to achieve results. The activities take place in new ways, not tied to fixed workstations in the office, timetables, live meetings.

Smart working promotes a better balance between quality of life and individual productivity. It is made possible by the use of technological and digital tools that allow individuals to remain connected. Smart working has the goal to increase productivity, empowering individuals for their results.

It is not easy to adapt quickly to this way of working. First of all, an agreement is needed between the company and the employee, with the definition of measurable goals.

What are the tips to face smart working? The first is to set up a specific part of the house at work. Having a dedicated room helps to concentrate and to "detach" from the dynamics of private life.

It is then necessary to set a rhythm of the day. Can be useful to define some rituals for the start-end of the working day that mark the working hours. It can be effective to keep track of daily goals and follow a weekly schedule for video call meetings. This helps to avoid spending the whole day on the phone or video. It is essential to make one's presence within the team incisive, making others participate in the activities carried out with, for example, an email at the end or beginning of the day.

There are many companies that are ensuring their services by proceeding with smart working, an innovative and digital way of dealing with their work activities!

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