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Professionalism for Estetica

Estetica and Allure target a typically professional readership: hairdressers, beauticians, perfumeries are an expression of the excellence of Italian businesses and craftsmanship. So obviously the professional imprinting of Estetica and Allure editorial products has always been enhanced by the added value of finding both printed pages and digital communications. A special sense of awareness and specific skills are needed to scrupulously select the beauty trends that count, to know how to combine, describe, and present them in such a way as to make an impact. 

The same is true for the quality and the constant search for innovations in graphic design and layouts; the selection of the paper and the printing processes also guarantee the quality “craftsmanship” of the product that must promote the uniqueness of Estetica (the world's leading publication in the Hair Fashion sector), of Allure (cosmetics trade magazine) and the collectible ArtBooks that celebrate the artistry of hairdressers and their coiffures. Their spectacular images and stunning covers continue to document both the history of hairdressing and of our publishing house.

Artigianalità per Estetica | Exclusive Brands Torino
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