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Entertaining children is not always easy. Parents often believe that it takes too much time and energy to offer a new and intelligent way to play.

It is not true. children, in any age group, find it fun and stimulating to experiment with new activities with few means as long as they are effective. For example, a child who is learning to walk will love to move around the house with a small toilet brush or a toy to tow.

Just like a child who starts experimenting with shapes and colors, he will simply need shapes and colored objects that will catch his attention. starting from the real needs of the child helps to better understand the needs so as to optimize the time spent with him and offer him maximum support for his growth.

Educating freedom, as taught by the Montessori method, is a parent's greatest challenge. Time spent with a child is full time for both parent and child.

You can resort to DIY games, or you can buy certified Italian games designed for the education of the child and for his growth. The Quercetti company is an example of how games can be designed for all the needs of the child and accompany them step by step to achieve new goals.

Each game is safe and made in full compliance with all applicable regulations. Quercetti games are born from the inspiration of the Montessori method and bring to the field an intelligent way of understanding the game.

Exclusive Brands Torino is proud to have this company of great Italian excellence in its network!

Discover the Quercetti game philosophy

Giocare imparando | Exclusive Brands Torino

Images by Instagram @quercettitoys

Giocare imparando | Exclusive Brands Torino

Images by Instagram @quercettitoys