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Piedmontese cuisine, Italian excellence

Piedmont offers many places to visit but it is also a region full of typical tasty dishes loved by everyone. Piedmontese gastronomy is one of the most varied in Italy and can boast an incredible variety of raw materials: meats, cheeses, vegetables, truffles. Very loved also famous Piedmontese wines and the long tradition of homemade pasta!

Piedmontese cuisine is among the reasons for success of this splendid region. Food is among the Italian excellence loved all over the world.

Among the best dishes of Piedmont we mention the “panissa”, a typical risotto from the Novara and Vercelli areas. Panissa is cooked with Arborio, Baldo or Maratelli rice with Saluggia beans. Barbera red wine, onion, lard, salam d’la duja, salt and pepper are then added. A truly delicious dish!

Inevitable the “bagna cauda”, ​​a Piedmontese dish that comes from the country tradition and is a typical winter recipe. Bagna cauda is the result of a long cooking of garlic, extra virgin olive oil and anchovies. The terracotta pan in which the bagna cauda is served, called dian, is very typical. Seasonal vegetables are added to the pan.

Gran Bollito misto alla piemontese with seven main cuts of beef cooked in the same pot, seven cuts of meat cooked in different pots, seven sauces, pork loin and four side dishes of vegetables is very tasty and typical. Typical dish of the winter season, it is accompanied by a nice cup of broth.

Among the most famous dishes of Piedmontese cuisine there is vitel tonné, made with fassone baby walker marinated in dry white wine and seasoned with carrot, celery, onion and bay leaf. The meat is then cut and covered with tuna sauce.

La cucina piemontese: eccellenza italiana | Exclusive Brands Torino

Gran Bollito misto alla piemontese - Image Google Images

La cucina piemontese: eccellenza italiana | Exclusive Brands Torino

Vitel Tonné - Image Google Images

Piedmont is also famous for its tradition of homemade pasta. We will mention only two first courses, although the list of Piedmontese first courses and typical pastas would be really long. The agnolòt dël plin, Piedmontese stuffed pasta closed by "pizzicotto" and the tajarin (tagliolini), not to be missed with the white Alba truffle.

Piedmontese cuisine is also celebrated by Exclusive Brands Torino which, within its network of Piedmontese excellence, boasts the presence of the Pastificio Defilippis, a historic pasta factory in the heart of Turin. The Pastificio Defilippis is a reference point for those who love the authenticity of traditional Italian cuisine.

La cucina piemontese: eccellenza italiana | Exclusive Brands Torino

Agnolòt dël Plin - Image Google Images

La cucina piemontese: eccellenza italiana | Exclusive Brands Torino

Tajarin - Image Google Images

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