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Origins and history of coffee

There is a product that represents the true Italian spirit all over the world: espresso coffee. A history of tradition and quality, a symbol of true Italian taste and a leading player on the international market. A unique and special taste, which everywhere in the world manages to convey the values typical of our country.

Coffee comes from far away: its appearance in the West dates back to the second half of the seventeenth century, when the Turks were driven out of the city of Vienna and in their camps were seen for the first time dark beans whose origin or use nobody knew. The first coffee was made by Kolschitzky and it was a mixture of coffee, honey and milk that made the Viennese appreciate the drink.
From here, the history of coffee is a constellation of successes that sees Italy as one of the poles for world production. Piedmont boasts a great name of excellence in the field of roasting: Costadoro, synonymous with high quality and research.

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Origins of coffee

Already between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, there are testimonies that reveal how coffee was particularly widespread in Arab countries. The coffee plant was very popular because it was considered magical and for this reason, at the beginning, the Arabs forbade its export because they did not want to make the properties of this drink known.
In Arabia coffee was used to stay awake during night prayers but also for healing purposes. In the fifteenth century the first coffee shops began to spread in all Muslim countries: meeting places where men consumed bitter coffee in a context of music and games.

Although it was a drink loved by the majority, the exciting effects of coffee did not meet with the favor of Islamic law. For this reason, its consumption in public places was forbidden and all the shops were closed. Even when the Sultan of Egypt authorised its consumption and the coffee reached its highest level, they tried to stop its success by declaring that it was the "devil's drink" and its consumption caused serious physical damage.

All this was useless: coffee had conquered everyone's heart and continued to be drunk privately in the living rooms of the houses.
The history of coffee continues and its traces can be found in France in 1644, in England in 1652, in the United States around 1670, in Germany in 1679.

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Coffee in Italy

The history of coffee in Italy begins at a precise date and place: in 1570 in Venice, when the Paduan Prospero Alpino brought some sacks from the East.
At first the drink was sold in pharmacies, but the high cost of the product made it an attraction especially for the wealthier classes. But this was not a valid reason to stop the success of coffee: in a short time the "coffee shops" increased, so much so that in 1763 there were 218 in Venice.
It is at this moment that coffee began to become the drink that most of all recalls that sense of conviviality and family that are among the founding values of Italian spirit. The coffee began to be an opportunity for friends and lovers to meet in different shops to share the unique taste of this drink.

Today "having a coffee" is an opportunity to chat, to be in company, to live small moments of serenity.

The coffee has arrived in all regions of Italy capturing the unique flavor. Whether it is sweet or bitter, coffee is the product that is never missing in Italian homes. A tradition that passes from generation to generation, accompanying the most important moments of a family.

For this reason, in the Exclusive Brands Turin network, the excellence of Costadoro Italian coffee, a guarantee of quality for coffee lovers, could not be missing. Every single Costadoro bean contains a history made of research, quality, passion and innovation. A brand that brings the values of Made in Italy to bars all over the world.

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Caffè Costadoro, the history of Italian excellence

Costadoro represents the Italian excellence of coffee for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector all over the world. Costadoro has a history of passion and love for coffee that has lasted for 130 years and that combines tradition and innovation, to create a unique product sought after throughout the world.

The strength of the company lies in the search for the best raw materials and in a meticulous
manufacturing process that has in the procurement, roasting and selection of the main reasons for distinction.

Costadoro buys the coffee directly in the countries of origin, on sample, and after a quality test each bean is cleaned with care. Then we move on to roasting: Costadoro was the first company in Italy to use the optical sorter SORTEX Z + 1BL that makes a real scan of the beans, discarding those that do not meet its quality standards. This is one of the proofs of Costadoro's excellence. The company roasts the coffee quality by quality, depending on the origin, with appropriate times and temperatures (18-20 minutes at about 210°-225°C) to enhance the flavor and aroma.

Costadoro is not only the production of high quality Italian coffee, but also training. Costadoro's trainers are recognised as 'Masters of Coffee Culture' in Italy and every day they train the best operators in the sector to bring coffee culture all over the world. 
Costadoro is a leader in the field of coffee roasting in over 40 countries around the world.

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